Influencer “Tarzan Real” Is Associated With R$3 Million Scam Using NFT

The influencer “Tarzan Real”, a character created by Mike Holston, has been linked to scams involving NFTs, which harmed investors who believed in the project.

Known among people who fight for the protection of animals, “The Real Tarzann” has more than 6 million followers on Instagram. On YouTube, he has a channel with more than 800,000 followers, in addition to his presence on other social networks.

This shows that he can have a major impact on the offer of a product. And that really happened when he teamed up with the Tribes of Ogun collection, who would take on his likeness.

NFT Collection Profile published a photo of Tarzan holding a snake and asking the animals to defend themselves
NFT Collection Profile published a photo of Tarzan holding a snake and asking the animals to defend themselves. tweet.

The NFTs in this collection would represent tarzan in digital avatars depicting animals. In addition, the characters would be present in an NFT game, a theme that has been in the spotlight worldwide in recent months, but is not going through a good time.

After raising $700,000, collection of NFTs associated with influencer “Tarzan Real” disappears

The Tarzan character concerns a fictional plot of a man raised by gorillas, who has been the subject of movies, cartoons and more. Using this image, “The Real Tarzann” usually publishes his relationship with animals on his social networks and asks for the protection of various species.

And with that noble intention, he was associated with a collection of NFTs that brought in $700,000 in recent months, which would translate to something like R$3 million when converted to Real.

Via Twitter, the influencer released in December 2021 that his collection would focus on animal conservation and one of the greatest NFTs of all time. That was the last time he made these NFTs public.

The Real Tarzann posted on his Twitter about the collection that disappeared with investor money
“The Real Tarzann” posted on his Twitter about a collection that disappeared with investor money. twitter

now the profile zachxbtwho has 200,000 Twitter followers and said he is a survivor of cryptocurrency scams, published a complaint against the collection linked to the collection. Tribes of Ogun

“Another day, another scam, this time Tribes of Ogun for $700k by The Real Tarzan, a popular Instagram influencer with 6.2 million followers.”

Team disappeared after money went to Coinbase

According to the research of zachxbtFailing to clarify “The Real Tarzann” involvement in the collection, after the sale of NFTs, the money went to Coinbase for approximately $700,000, indicating it had been withdrawn by the team.

After that, all the developers disappeared from the project and there was no further news of what happened, with the buyers now holding an NFT with no market value.

A user identified himself as a victim of the scam, and this was the first NFT he lied, a lesson he will carry forward.

The case shows that influencers sometimes associate with teams and that projects do not go according to plan. Even with the disclosure of the case, “The Real Tarzann” has not spoken publicly about the case with his followers.

Source: Live Coins