Binance Owner Calls Dr. Apocalypse “shameless” after creating cryptocurrency

Nouriel Roubini, known as Dr. Apocalypse, has already organized several conversations with entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency sector. Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance, was one of Roubini’s targets when the economist called him a scammer and criminal.

As recently as November last year, Roubini also stated that Binance was the same as the bankrupt FTX, but “much worse”. He argued that Binance Coin (BNB) was the same as FTX Token (FTT) and that both brokers had a base in the “dubious Bahamas”.

Despite criticism of Zhao and his brokerage, now Dr. uses Apocalypse the Binance logo on the website of his new project. The situation caused Binance’s founder to call Roubini “shameless” on Tuesday (7).

Nouriel Roubini launches cryptocurrency project

Nouriel Roubini, Dr. Apocalypse, is one of the biggest critics of Bitcoin in the world. For example, in June 2022, he declared that the “Ponzi house of cards” of cryptocurrencies was collapsing. Later, in April this year, he declared that “the cryptocurrency apocalypse” was coming. His predictions were wrong.

Anyway, Roubini is now participating in a project based on blockchain, a technology introduced by Bitcoin in 2009. Atlas Kapthe project promises the creation of a cryptocurrency that serves as a “universal store of value,” protecting the public from the inflation of fiat currencies.

“Created by artificial intelligence, machine learning, climate technology and blockchain. The Atlas Climate Token (ACT) offers a more stable and better performing store of value.”

“Paired with a carefully chosen portfolio of real-world liquid assets – climate-resilient REITs, strategic commodities, inflation-protected government bonds and gold – the Atlas Climate Token is a democratized digital store of value for users around the world.”informs the project description.

Atlas Cap, project co-founded by Nouriel Roubini.  Reproduction.Atlas Cap, project co-founded by Nouriel Roubini.  Reproduction.
Atlas Cap, project co-founded by Nouriel Roubini. Reproduction.

Nouriel Roubini’s project uses the name of Binance

Despite the various criticisms leveled at Changpeng Zhao and his company, Atlas Cap proudly presents both Binance’s name and logo on the page dedicated to the project team, alongside other well-known names such as IMF and BlackRock.

“Atlas’ leadership team brings together proven technology entrepreneurs with leading economists and senior executives previously at the IMF, World Bank, White House, Goldman Sachs, Binance, Capital Group and BlackRock”points to the Atlas Cap website. “All managers bring deep experience in technology, fintech, blockchain, venture capital, investment and asset management, investment banking, macroeconomics, monetary policy, academia and international relations.”

On his social media, Changpeng Zhao laughed at the situation, using a clown emoji to refer to Nouriel Roubini.

“Some people are shameless. After being publicly attacked on stage a year ago, Binance is now issuing a token and posting the Binance logo on its website WITHOUT permission.”

When you visit the Atlas Cap website, the Atlas Cap team reports Livecoins did not find the Binance logo as shown in Zhao’s screenshot. However, the broker’s name still appears in text form. Mayur Kamat appears on the team as a former product director at Binance, which justifies the mention.

Either way, the situation is embarrassing for Dr. Apocalypse, who has been so critical of cryptocurrencies and their industry. After all, now the economist uses not only his technology, but also the name of a company that he used to criticize with great enthusiasm.

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