Arthur Hayes predicts an explosion of Ethereum up 4,600% and Bitcoin at $1 million

Arthur Hayes, the billionaire and co-founder of BitMEX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, presented an extremely optimistic view on the future of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). He emphasizes that despite the recent market turbulence, now is the ideal time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

According to the billionaire, Ethereum, which is currently trading above $2,000, has the potential to reach a market value of $100,000which would represent an increase of over 4,600% compared to the current value.

The bold prediction comes at a time when many investors are evaluating their strategies in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, Hayes doubled his bet on Bitcoin, predicting that the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization would reach the milestone. 1 million dollars. This optimistic forecast comes in a context where Bitcoin is trading around $37,200 and faces constant fluctuations.

Other cryptocurrencies

Hayes also commented on the depreciation of global fiat currencies, suggesting that the smartest strategy today is investing in cryptocurrencies. He classifies both Bitcoin and Ethereum as fundamental “reserve assets,” while describing other digital assets with less enthusiasm.

However, he does not completely rule out other opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Hayes points to layer-one blockchains like Solana, which, despite being hit hard by the bear market, offer investment opportunities with potentially high returns. but with greater risks.

Finally, Hayes highlights the dynamic sector of decentralized applications (DApps) and their associated tokens, which he says offer opportunities for exponential returns, albeit with significantly greater risks.

In his words, “there is no reward without risk,” he highlights the volatile but potentially profitable nature of cryptocurrency investing.

“Then we come to another layer one blockchains that claim to be an improvement over Ether. Solana is an example. They all took a beating during the bear market. As such, they will float at extreme lows and deliver great returns for intrepid investors. But they’re still pieces of crap that won’t overtake Ethereum in terms of active developers, decentralized application activity (DApp), or total value locked.

Finally, all types of DApps and their respective tokens will boom. This is the most fun because you get a 10,000x return here. Of course, there is also a greater chance that you will become rich, but where there is no risk, there is also no return.”

Source: Live Coins