Cryptocurrency Mining Company Found in Poland’s Supreme Court

An illegal mining farm was found in the building Supreme Administrative Court of Poland, known by the abbreviation NSA (Naczelny Sad Administracyiny). According to local media, the main suspect in installing the machines was a former employee of an outsourced maintenance company.

The equipment was found installed in a ventilation duct as well as on the technical floor of the building. However, no additional information about the miners was released.

Most of the information relates to the energy consumption of the machines, but this is still vague. All that is known is that the equipment consumes between “hundreds and thousands of zlotys per month.” Currently, each Polish zloty costs R$1.22.

Authorities investigate mining equipment case at Poland’s Supreme Court

The mining equipment is believed to have been found between August and September this year, prompting further investigation. According to information, the authorities had hired experts in IT and electricity to determine the energy consumption of the machines.

To date, no one has been prosecuted for the crime. At least two employees have already been fired. Their names were not revealed.

Therefore, the person who installed the equipment could be prosecuted for theft of electricity. Because this is a crime in a government building, the investigation has the support of the Public Prosecution Service and the assistance of the Homeland Security Service.

Another important detail mentioned is that the mining equipment was not connected to the local internet, but used its own modem. Therefore, the authorities believe that the data stored at the Supreme Administrative Court has not been threatened.

Searching for free energy leads miners to commit crimes

As mining becomes increasingly competitive, miners are betting on creative solutions to avoid energy costs. However, as in the case above, some go beyond the bounds of the law.

The case in Poland is not unique. Also in 2021, Russian traffic guards were fired for mining Bitcoin in a government building. In Brazil, an official was suspended after being caught mining cryptocurrencies at his workplace.

Others go even further and even steal electricity from their neighbors to cover energy costs. Either way, the story always ends badly for criminals, with equipment confiscated and fines imposed that could total the damages.

Finally, while some amateurs are trying to make a few dollars, the industry is dominated by companies listed on major stock exchanges in the US and Canada. The sector is therefore becoming increasingly serious and is attracting the attention of major players in the traditional market.

Source: Live Coins