Capital launches OTC trading desk

Capitual is launching another product for its clients and those interested in trading P2P financial assets: the OTC Capitual trading desk. The new instrument allows financial assets to be traded directly in a more personalized and flexible way, with room for major negotiations.

With the new product, Capitual adds more investment options to the portfolio already available to CapConta and CapBusiness customers, including several options for cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and precious metals, with the same security and compliance standards.

In addition, there is room for large cryptocurrency negotiations and the support of specialized agents will be available to carry out negotiations that very soon can also be carried out using an exclusive API. By being present abroad, Capitual offers better quotes for negotiations, with certainty and flexibility.

To address the price volatility of digital assets, Capitual will also offer operational credit on its OTC desk. When the user sees a value interesting for negotiation, the user contacts one of Capitual’s agents via chat and guarantees the price, allowing him to pay until the end of banking hours.

Anyone who is not yet a Capitual customer will also be able to register customers at the OTC customer desk. The process can be carried out in a simple and transparent manner via the website

“We launched the OTC Capital table based on our proposal to promote freedom and independence in investments in a simple and straightforward way. Over-the-counter trades can be made by large institutional investors to explore this universe.”explains Guilherme Nunes, CEO of Capital.

According to the director, OTC tables are becoming increasingly important because they provide a highly personalized and flexible option for portfolio diversification. Initially, BTC, USDT and USDC assets will be available for trading on the OTC Capital table, with advantageous prices compared to other OTC, P2P and exchange tables.

About Capital

Capital was voted Best Crypto Bank in 2022. Capitual operates in 48 countries and combines the features of a digital bank and trading with cryptocurrencies. It offers security and reliability, backed by strict legislation regulating transaction activities with blockchain technology.

The founders have extensive experience in technology, programming and the international currency market.

Customers can trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Dash, Dai, USD Coin and Matic, in addition to four fiat currencies (Real, Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling) and gold.

Source: Live Coins