“We are stronger than ever,” says Binance’s new CEO

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has entered a new phase of leadership and strategy led by its new CEO, Richard Teng. In his first post on the broker’s official blog, published on Monday (27), Binance’s new boss expressed optimism about the future of the exchange, emphasizing that Binance “Stronger than ever”despite the challenges we have faced recently.

He stated that he had accepted the position “the deepest humility”the new CEO emphasized the importance of learning from the past and building on the solid foundations laid over the past six years.

“We have turned the page on Binance’s historic challenges and are stronger today than ever before.” Teng said.

With more than 160 million customers worldwide, he recognizes the great responsibility of his position and has committed to working ‘tirelessly’ to meet and exceed the expectations of users and regulators.

Overcoming regulatory challenges

Known for innovating the cryptocurrency market, Binance claims to remain committed to providing products that add real value to its users.

The new CEO reiterated this philosophy and promised to continue the path of excellence and innovation in products. He emphasizes that the best way to honor the company’s principle is to consistently deliver high-quality solutions that users find valuable.

Over the past two years, Binance has faced significant regulatory compliance challenges. Binance’s new leader emphasized that the company has been working hard to resolve its compliance issues and strengthen its compliance program and culture.

These efforts, he said, are reflected in a debt-free capital structure and financial strength, even with low transaction costs.

Binance’s new CEO recognizes the importance of collaboration with regulators and emphasizes the need for a constructive dialogue on the development of a globally harmonized regulatory framework. Such a framework should promote innovation while ensuring consumer protection.

“Trust Binance”

The CEO also expressed his commitment to Binance users and promised to ensure that they remain the core focus of the company. Him too assured users of financial soundnesssafety and security of the company, which highlights the robustness of Binance’s foundations and the seriousness with which its custody obligations are treated.

“You must have confidence in the financial strength, safety and security of the company.” said, adding that Binance takes custody responsibility very seriously: “We maintain 1:1 support for every user item. Your assets are protected.”

Finally, Richard Teng said he was looking forward to participating “Get started as CEO” and you know there will be many”opportunities to share news with users.”

“As we embark on the next phase of Binance’s responsible growth, I am excited about the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with global policymakers to ensure cryptocurrency investors remain confident in the future of the sector, and to engage and train that next billion euros. users, so that we can work to ensure the long-term sustainability of cryptocurrencies.”, rounded.

Source: Live Coins