Bitcoin could enter a super cycle and surpass $500,000, says Bloomberg

A recent Bloomberg report indicates that Bitcoin, which has reached over $42,000, could be at the beginning of a new super cycle that could increase its value to over $500,000.

The optimism is fueled by the realization that Bitcoin is establishing a new monetary order, capturing the attention of Wall Street and generating euphoria in the digital asset community.

“Bitcoin Crossing $42,000 Is Just the Beginning of a New Super Cycle that will push the world’s largest cryptocurrency above $500,000, which supporters say is the new monetary order taking Wall Street by storm.”says Bloomberg.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency has shown remarkable price performance in recent months, with three consecutive monthly rallies, including an 11% jump in December.

The cryptocurrency saw its value grow by more than 150% in 2023, driven by expectations of approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States.

Optimistic expectations

Predictions for Bitcoin’s future are varied, with estimates ranging from $50,000 to over $530,000. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong suggests that Bitcoin could be fundamental to the continuation of Western civilization.

On the other hand, Miller Tabak & Co’s Matt Maley warns. for the rapidly changing sentiment in the asset class and the possibility that some forecasts are too optimistic without a liquidity injection such as during the pandemic.

The prospect of a Bitcoin-based ETF in the US is causing great excitement as it could ease access to the cryptocurrency for asset managers and attract billions in new investments.

Kaiko researchers have noted a shift in market sentiment since mid-October, driven by institutional interest and a more favorable macroeconomic environment.

Despite the optimism, it is important to recognize Bitcoin’s historical volatility. Cryptocurrency has gone through several cycles of ups and downs in recent years. Bitcoin is currently trading at $41,800 and approaching the $42,000 mark.

Uncertainties still remain as to whether the economy will be able to consolidate above this critical level or whether resistance will emerge, leading to a possible correction, as suggested by Bloomberg.

Source: Live Coins