US General Says Bitcoin Needs More Defenders

Robert Spalding, a retired US Air Force general, got involved in a discussion about Bitcoin on social media and, after some responses from investors, was enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency.

Each conversation started with a naive question from the general. “Like [o Bitcoin] can be cut infinitely many times, is it really scarce?‘, Spalding wondered.

In the comments, different people explained in different ways that division is not multiplication. As an example, they mentioned that a 1 dollar bill can also be distributed among 1,000 people, but that this does not change the fact that it is 1 dollar.

Although he had a doctorate in economics and mathematics, it took a while for the general to understand the explanation, causing some people to joke about the situation.

“I would say the dollar is far from scarce thanks to the Fed”said General Spalding.

“You get there very slowly”replied one follower, joking about the general’s delay in understanding the Bitcoin story.

Regardless, Spalding showed that no question is stupid and that if someone is open to conversation, he or she can learn something new from someone who has a different opinion than his or her own.

US General Showed Interest in Bitcoin

Elaborating on the conversation, US General Robert Spalding stated that Bitcoin needs more people who are concerned about defending cryptocurrency without caring about their money.

“For Bitcoin to go anywhere, it needs proponents who care about more than just their own wealth.”

Once again, the community pointed out several people Spalding can follow to learn more about Bitcoin. One of the examples cited was Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and now entrepreneur of several initiatives focused on BTC, such as Ocean.

“@jack – founder of Twitter – is the man”replied a former American sailor. “I also care more about bitcoin’s impact on economic freedom and sovereignty than I do about the income of my own portfolio.”

“Bitcoin is to freedom what CBDC is to authoritarian autocratic systems.”

While some believe that Bitcoin is already in its final stages, the recent interest from people like General Spalding shows that we are only at the beginning. Apparently, the general himself could become a big supporter of Bitcoin once he learns more about the project.

Source: Live Coins