Investor says he left his wife to buy Bitcoin

On Reddit, a user claims he left his wife for Bitcoin. In his story, he says that he first exchanged his wife’s jewelry for bitcoins, followed by more purchases with the money he received from the mortgage on the house.

Exaggerations make it difficult to know if the story is true or just fiction. Anyway, sometimes real cases can be more surprising than any invention.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $42,275, showing a 156% increase in 2023. Therefore, there is a huge frenzy among investors looking to take advantage of this year-end rally.

Investor Says He Left His Wife for Bitcoin

With more than 180 comments on Reddit, the story of the investor who traded everything to buy more Bitcoin is one of the most read topics on the social network. In the comments, some are making fun of the situation, saying this is Michael Saylor’s origin story.

“It all started when I stole my wife’s jewelry box and sold all her gold and diamonds to buy bitcoin.”the story begins. “I blamed the housekeeper, she fired her. So I used his salary to do DCA.”

“So I took out a second mortgage on the house to buy Bitcoin. I forged her signature on the documents, but she found out because she was the one paying the bills.”

Following his report, the investor claims that he has been expelled. “So I took the car [e] I sold it too”he continued, stating that he also used this money to buy Bitcoin.

From then on, the story becomes even more exaggerated, with the man claiming that all he has left is his iPhone, his charger and his hardware wallet containing 6 bitcoins (R$126,000). Finally, he notes that he is considering selling his charger since he can use the Starbucks across the street to charge his smartphone.

“My wife will be so jealous. But I won’t go back to it after my investments take off. She had her chance.”

Story of an investor who left his wife to buy Bitcoin.  Source: Reddit.
Story of an investor who left his wife to buy Bitcoin. Source: Reddit.

Finally, Bloomberg analysts recently mentioned that Bitcoin could enter a super cycle and surpass $500,000. Therefore, courageous investors can benefit greatly from this possible rise. The investor’s six bitcoins above, if they exist, would reach $3 million (R$14.8 million).

In the comments of the post, one user warned that the investor could lose 50% of his fortune if he did not divorce. “Sign these documents before taking profits”recommended.

Source: Live Coins