CVM launches “crypto dictionary” with more than 200 entries on cryptocurrencies

The Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and the Brazilian Cryptoeconomics Association (ABCripto) have announced the launch of a comprehensive glossary dedicated to clarifying terms related to cryptocurrencies, digital assets and tokenization.

With more than 200 submissions, the document aims to standardize the industry’s language and make technical concepts more accessible to the general public.

The initiative, according to CVM’s Paulo Portinho, aims to simplify communication in the financial market, especially in emerging areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto economics.

More than 200 entries

The glossary is the result of collaboration between ABCripto experts and was assessed by the CVM. Bernardo Srur, from ABCripto, said the material is an achievement for both institutions and provides a solid foundation for those looking to enter the digital asset market.

Fábio Moraes, from ABCripto, highlights the unprecedented nature of the glossary in the sector and emphasizes its crucial role in education and public understanding of complex market terms. Nathalie Vidual, from CVM, adds that the document will be updated periodically, reflecting continued innovations in the field of cryptoeconomics.

“The idea is that the document will be periodically expanded and revised to incorporate suggestions received, in addition to monitoring new developments in this area. The glossary is intended to be a living document, reflecting the dynamics of the crypto economy itself.”adds Nathalie Vidual.

CVM and ABcripto

The launch is part of a technical cooperation agreement between the CVM and ABCripto, aimed at promoting financial education and spreading knowledge about emerging financial technologies, including decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies.

Institutions strove to reach consensus on definitions, ensuring that they were consistent with the concepts and principles of related fields of knowledge, in addition to complying with legislation.

The purpose of the glossary, according to Marco Carnut, from ABCripto, is to facilitate communication between different market participants and society, thus contributing to the development of a robust and transparent market.

Source: Live Coins