The Braiscompany leader arrested in Argentina will be extradited to Brazil

One of the former leaders of BraisCompany will be extradited from Argentina to Brazil after he was arrested at the border in June this year. He is suspected of participating in the financial scam being investigated in Operation Halving.

Federal police pointed out that he was the financial operator of the scheme, but did not reveal his name. See the three arrests on Argentinian soil that were carried out as part of the company’s plan, it must be so Victor Hugo Learth.

According to information published on the website of the Argentine Ministry of Finance (MPF), the extradition agreement was signed on Monday (4).

The extradition verdict was pronounced by Judge Miguel Ángel Guerrero, who declared the extradition of the former member of the company of Antônio Neto Ais and Fabrícia Farias admissible.

Braiscompany leader arrested in Argentina

According to the Argentine authority, evidence presented during the extradition process showed that the wanted man had acted as a financial operator for BraisCompany.

“In this way, he allegedly committed fraud through a financial pyramid scheme – called ‘Ponzi Scheme’ – with crypto assets. For Brazilian authorities, the man acted as a broker for the company, allowing him to capture and embezzle more than 4 million reais. The defendant intervened in the company’s marketing and some commercial activities, for which he published videos on the YouTube channel – called ‘braisnews’ – and which confirmed his participation in publishing the maneuver,” according to an excerpt from the material that has been released by the inspectors.

“After the coup was carried out, the suspects fled overland to Argentina together with other members of the organization. As a result, the 4th Federal Section – Campina Grande/PB of the Federal Regional Court of the 5th Region of Brazil ordered the international arrest of the wanted person. Through diplomatic channels, the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Religion received the relevant formal extradition request. The man was arrested on June 23, 2023 and made available to the Federal Court and the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office of Eldorado.”continues to report the Argentinian authority.

The extradition was based on the provisions of Law 24,767 on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters, and the extradition treaty signed with the Federative Republic of Brazil.

He was arrested in June this year in Puerto Iguazú, in the border area with Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná, together with Arthur Lima and Sabrina Lima, who worked in marketing for BraisCompany and Antônio Neto Ais.

The three were fleeing Operation Halving, which was investigating the Campina Grande company. The arrests were made thanks to the intelligence service of the Paraíba Federal Police.

Source: Live Coins