Binance will give 1 bitcoin and distribute R$2.5 million to cryptocurrency content creators

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency broker on the market, announced this Wednesday (6) the launch of the challenge “Crypto is better with Binance”inviting content creators to share their stories of how cryptocurrencies changed their lives. Winners can win 1 Bitcoin (BTC) and up to $500,000 worth of Tether (USDT).

The campaign, according to a statement to the Livecoinsis an opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world to express their personal experiences using cryptocurrencies.

Participants are encouraged to explore a variety of topics presented by Binance, ranging from discovering cryptocurrencies, using Binance products and services, moments of positive impact, to the security and reliability the platform offers.

Tell your story and fight for 1 Bitcoin and R$2.45 million in USDT

Binance rewards qualified content creators with token vouchers worth up to 1 BTC per user. Entrants must create and share original content based on suggested themes, and Binance will judge entries based on strict evaluation criteria.

Additionally, any submitted content must reach a minimum of 500 impressions to be considered eligible.

A jury selected by the Binance team evaluates the content based on quality and creativity criteria. Rewards are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and are categorized as ‘Poor’, ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

Additionally, the popularity of the content will also be a factor, with Binance measuring the total number of impressions received by each eligible piece of content during the promotional period.

To participate, interested parties must first meet the eligibility criteria and unleash their creativity to create original and engaging content.

Proof of real social media followers is required and content can be shared on any public social media account using the hashtag #CryptoIsBetter.

According to Binance, this is an excellent opportunity for any eligible creator to earn up to 1 full BTC and a share of $500,000 in rewards by creating on the following topics:

  • When did you discover cryptocurrencies and Binance?
  • Which Binance services or products do you use the most and why do you use them?
  • A time when Binance’s products/services had a positive impact on you.
  • Why does it give you peace of mind to know that all user assets are secured in a 1:1 model?
  • How has Binance affected your confidence in navigating the cryptocurrency market?
  • How did you use Binance to solve a problem that traditional financial services couldn’t solve?
  • What do you like about the Binance community?
  • Why crypto is better with Binance?

At the end of the campaign, a form must be completed to register the different creations.

The challenge runs until December 21, 2023 and provides a platform to share experiences and contribute to the global cryptocurrency community.

For more information about the challenge, visit the promotion’s official website.

Source: Live Coins