Bitconned: Netflix launches another documentary about cryptocurrencies, see the trailer

a Netflix announced the film this Tuesday (5). Bitconned, which will tell the story of Centra Tech, a fake company founded by scammers who pulled off a million-dollar scam in the cryptocurrency sector. The movie opens January 1, 2024exclusively on Netflix.

“In this true crime documentary, three guys exploit the free market in cryptocurrencies to steal millions from investors and fund a lavish lifestyle.”points to the synopsis of the film that Bitconned found on IMDb.

In short, the Technology center took advantage of 2017’s wave of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to stage a coup $32 million. At the time, the scammers falsely claimed that their products were cryptocurrency debit cards in partnership with Visa and Mastercard.

Million-Dollar Cryptocurrency Scam Becomes Netflix Movie

As almost always happens, the coup did not end as the coup plotters dreamed. In April 2018, US authorities arrested two suspects, one of whom attempted to flee the US after harming several investors.

“Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a criminal.”says Raymond Trapani, one of the founders of Centra Tech, in the trailer released by Netflix.

“Our pitch to the world was that we would launch a debit card that allows you to spend your cryptocurrencies in real time.”

A journalist from The New York Times then appears, questioning the founders about the legality of the project, noting that Visa said they could not issue a card with their brand.

Following the complaints, the founders began making changes to the Centra Tech website, removing the name of Visa and other companies. Even the people on the team didn’t seem real. “I researched the founders. The CEO is actually Raymond’s grandfather.”the journalist notes.

“It’s like giving the FBI the middle finger.”

Netflix is ​​betting on cryptocurrency films

In addition to Bitconned, Netflix has recently been involved in the production of other works about cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest examples is the film Don’t Trust Nobody, which tells the story of the founder of real estate agency QuadrigaCX.

The film Crypto Boy explores the seduction of the cryptocurrency market. Another title that seventh art enthusiasts are looking forward to is the story of the couple who stole R$23 billion worth of Bitcoin, which subsequently resulted in the largest seizure of cryptocurrencies in history.

Finally, life is often more interesting than art. Recently, a director was accused of defaulting millions of dollars on Netflix. Instead of using the money to produce his series, Carl Rinsch bought Dogecoin (DOGE) and, as incredible as it may seem, managed to profit from it.

Source: Live Coins