Bitcoin “will cost millions of lives,” says Unicamp professor

Bitcoin “will cost millions of lives,” says Unicamp professor

The saga of Unicamp professor Jorge Stolfi against Bitcoin got a new chapter this Friday (4). As the world follows the use cases of cryptocurrencies during armed conflict, Stolfi continues to carry out superficial attacks on Bitcoin on his social media.

On the occasion, the Unicamp professor is responding to a cartoon posted by Bitcoin Magazine stating that Bitcoin will cost millions of lives. In addition, it also points out that it will burn investors’ hard-earned savings.

Previously, Stolfi was nervous after one of the largest auditing and consulting firms in the world bought not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum for its money, calling cryptocurrencies the Ponzi scheme.

A Meteor Called Bitcoin

Founded by Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie, both co-founders of Ethereum, Bitcoin Magazine posted a cartoon on its social media on Thursday (3) depicting Bitcoin as a meteor about to hit the US Federal Reserve building .

Bitcoin Meteor Is About To Hit Fed BuildingSource:Bitcoin Magazine

The cartoon deepens the message to be conveyed and is a critique of the current monetary system used not only by the Fed, but by all other central banks in the world. Bitcoin is a financial revolution in many ways.

However, the Unicamp professor did not like the art, or rather the message that was being passed, which stated that if Bitcoin is a meteor, it will burn up in the atmosphere before reaching Earth.

Going further, it also claims that this will lead to millions of people losing not only their savings but also their lives.

“Yes, nothing can stop #Bitcoin now. It will burn in the atmosphere with a big flash and thunder. The explosion will cost several million lives and burn your hard-earned savings within a 100-mile radius.”

Unicamp professor criticizes Bitcoin’s potential.

What history teaches us about money

Information from the Bitrawr website points out that 590 fiat currencies have completely lost their purchase value over the course of history, 151 of them due to hyperinflation and many others due to wars fueled by states, such as the current one between Russia and Russia. Ukraine.

In Brazil, eight currencies have already been extinguished and the current one, the Real, is following the same path. Indeed, since its inception, Real has already lost 86% of its purchasing power and there is no chance of this situation being reversed.

While Bitcoin doesn’t promise to make anyone rich, since its inception in 2009, people have had the ability to print mathematically controlled money without relying on politicians – after all, who trusts them? — and with a maximum supply of 21 million units, currently with 18.9 million BTC in circulation.

So for the first time in our lives, we have a choice to get rid of central bank-controlled money systems that never worked. After all, you can’t even call the Real a currency, as it doesn’t serve as a store of value, as seen above, unlike Bitcoin.

Source: Live Coins