CoinEx aims to empower users worldwide in the field of cryptocurrencies

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, CoinEx remains committed to empowering users around the world by providing a platform that combines robust security and stability with optimized efficiency.

While the traditional financial system leaves many unbanked and underserved, CoinEx leverages the open infrastructure of blockchain to offer inclusive financial services.

We uphold values ​​of stability, security and efficiency in all our offerings – from spot trading to derivatives, staking and more, serving over 5 million users worldwide.

Our goal is to build long-term trust by providing a transparent, compliant and easy-to-use platform. We strive to support users at all levels by expanding available resources and implementing robust security. Our continued commitment is further illustrated in the latest product updates.

CoinEx has launched Spot Grid for trading using automated quantitative strategies. By creating grids, the system will automatically execute low buys and high sells, allowing you to build income in volatile market conditions.

CoinEx AMM uses automated smart contracts to enable fast decentralized token swaps. Users can easily switch between a variety of 783 trading pairs. CoinEx AMM also allows users to provide liquidity through its unique mechanism to earn up to 50% dividends on trading fees. The new product offering enhances our core spot trading, futures trading and liquidity mining programs.

CoinEx’s commitment goes beyond products: we also shape our rigorous token listing process.

Each new asset is evaluated in detail on dimensions such as innovation, safety, demand and more. This ensures that each token addition is tailored to users’ interests, minimizing risk. Our listing process balances our desire to offer diverse assets with the need to protect users’ funds.

As cryptocurrencies gain mainstream appeal, platforms like ours will shape the way forward.

Our unwavering security, stability and efficiency enable users around the world to access this emerging digital economy. Despite market volatility, we remain an enduring bridge to global financial access and inclusion.

Source: Live Coins