Cryptocurrency broker denies insolvency and disappearance of CEO

Gracy Chen, director of Bitgetone of the most popular cryptocurrency brokers on the market, used Twitter to address users’ concerns about insolvency.

The company’s director directly addressed the allegations from users questioning Bitget’s financial health and suggested that investors should withdraw funds from the platform.

It all started when influencer MMCrypto, with more than 1 million followers, claimed that the broker’s CEO was missing and recommended users withdraw funds from the platform.

“Since I have promoted Bitget in the past, I feel it is my responsibility to share the latest information I have obtained from various sources”he said, adding that he would stop promoting Bitget until the issue was resolved.

“I think it could be smart to withdraw your money from Bitget if you feel unsure about the unconfirmed evidence we have so far.”he added, sharing a series of prints.

Bitget is doing well, says director

In response to rumors of bankruptcy, the director of the broker made this statement “everything on Bitget works fine”. She assured users “funds are safe” and that the company’s team is actively preparing for what it describes as the “next bull run” in the cryptocurrency market.

The statement comes in the context of significant expansion at Bitget, evidenced by the opening of more than 100 new positions, including senior and management roles.

Chen interprets such an expansion as a sign of the company’s confidence in its future and its willingness to benefit from any market increases, especially regarding the approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

Taking an optimistic stance, Chen ended his statement with a call for “BUIDL,” a popular mantra in the cryptocurrency community that promotes long-term construction and development to counterbalance short-term concerns.

The philosophy reflects the ‘Less FUD, more BUIDL’ approach previously championed by CZ, former CEO of Binance.

“Everything at Bitget works fine. The funds are safe and the entire team is working hard to prepare for the next bull run. Thanks to our recent growth, we now have more than 100 open positions, including some senior and management positions.” – she said.

Bitget’s official position was further reinforced by Karina Krupenchenkova, a company representative, who confirmed Chen’s statement as the company’s final position on the rumors.

Meanwhile, MMCrypto, while expressing some relief after the company’s statement, reiterated the need for further clarification from Bitget employees.

“A general rule, which we also talk about in cryptocurrencies: if you don’t have the keys, the cryptocurrencies don’t belong to you. That’s why I always recommend taking money from centralized platforms.” he said.

The situation, despite Chen’s assurances, remains shrouded in some uncertainty, reflecting users’ distrust of centralized platforms.

Source: Live Coins