Trezor warns of data leaks involving more than 60,000 users

a Trezor, maker of one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets on the market, announced a security breach that affected approximately 66,000 users. The company has detected unauthorized access to its system support portal release contact information for users who have communicated with your team since December 2021.

In a statement from Trezor this Saturday morning (20), the company clarified the situation and emphasized the safety of users’ money: “We want to make sure that no money is at risk. Your Trezor device remains safe.”

Despite this, the company expressed concern about the possibility of its users being targeted by phishing attacks, a form of cyber fraud in which criminals impersonate trusted entities to obtain sensitive personal information.

Phishing warning

Trezor reported that dozens of users received emails directly from the attacker asking for sensitive data about their wallet passwords, and others had their contact information compromised on an experimental discussion platform from the same third-party vendor.

The company acted quickly, informing affected users about the incident via email and warning them of potential phishing risks.

“The disclosure of email addresses is concerning and we are monitoring any increase in phishing activity related to this incident”Trezor said.

This is not the first security challenge Trezor has faced. In March, the company had already warned its users about a phishing attack that prompted investors to enter recovery phrases on a fake website.

In another incident, scammers sold fake Trezor wallets, putting users’ private keys at risk.

Trezor stated that no recovery sentence has been released and continues to advise its customers to remain vigilant, especially regarding unsolicited emails and requests for confidential information.

“While this represents a small portion of our entire user base, there were a whopping 66,000 contacts on the system during this period. We are committed to working with the third-party service provider to thoroughly investigate the incident. However, our internal audit of the incident indicates possible access to contact information, limited to email and first/last name.”Trezor said.

Funds are safe

Trezor has ensured that devices remain as secure as ever and reiterated the importance of never entering the recovery phrase except on the Trezor device itself.

According to the company, users affected by the breach were notified via email and advised to report any suspicious activity to the Trezor support team. The company apologized for the incident and thanked customers for their trust.

“Trezor devices remain completely safe. A small portion of users are at risk of an increased risk of phishing attempts and as with all such attempts, we advise customers to remain vigilant and follow cybersecurity best practices. Customers can find information about this on the Trezor website.”

For more information or to report suspicious activity, users are encouraged to contact the Trezor support team.

Source: Live Coins