Brazilian Project That Funds Bitcoin Developers Announces New Member, a non-profit organization dedicated to Bitcoin research and development, has announced the funding award Leonardo Limasoftware engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast.

The Brazilian project, a reference in the development of Bitcoin from Latin America, which finances developers of the largest cryptocurrency in the world, praised Leonardo’s contributions in the field of Free software It is Opencode (FOSS).

According to a statement from Vinteum, Lima’s journey in the technology world began at QuintoAndar, a Brazilian real estate startup, where he specialized in the development of back-end systems, with an emphasis on financial products. He later moved on to a role in Beepa digital bank focused on Bitcoin.

Leonardo Lima, Brazilian Bitcoin developer

Since the beginning of 2022, Leonardo has been actively contributing to the development of Bitcoin. Their work includes collaborating on a library for real-time streaming of block events, using the API for the Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK).

The project was part of his internship with Lloyd Fournier in the Summer of Bitcoin (SoB) program, which he discovered through Vinteum.

In 2023, Leonardo participated again in SoB, focusing on the Fedimint project led by Eric Sirion. The current focus is on integrating Tor support at the client level, aiming to improve privacy and security in interactions between clients and servers.


During the period of his fellowship at Vinteum, Leonardo will dedicate himself to contributing to Fedimint and BDK. The goals include improving Tor support for clients and servers, developing a MultiSig Co-Signing Module, and exploring the potential of a PassKeys module.

Additionally, he plans to add native Tor support to rust-esplora-client and rust-electrum-client.

In addition to his technical projects, Leonardo started 2024 by participating in the first cohort of Sovereign Engineering in Madeira, a program focused on hacking and mentoring, organized by Pablof7z, Gigi and André Loja. was proud of Leonardo’s arrival and highlighted his commitment to building sovereign and free technological ecosystems. The organization also thanked the donors who make these subsidies possible.

To follow Leonardo Lima’s progress and learn more about how Vinteum is driving Bitcoin innovation, the organization encourages you to follow its updates at X or Nostr.

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