Uncontrollable fire engulfs largest Bitcoin mining company in Paraguay, newspaper says

An uncontrollable fire engulfed one building under construction of the company Flytec, located in the heart of Cidade do Leste, in Paraguay, more than four days ago, triggering a large-scale emergency operation that is still difficult to resolve.

The fire, believed to have started from a short circuit on the 12th floor, quickly spread to several other levels, further complicated by the presence of highly flammable materials, including batteries and electronics.

According to local media, the building housed the largest Bitcoin mining operation of Paraguay between the 11th and 12th floors, an area now considered the epicenter of the fire.

The facility, full of mining machines, probably ASICs, is suspected of being the main cause of the fire which is challenging local authorities and putting the building at risk of collapse.

Brazilian owns burning building

According to information from the newspaper La Clave, the Brazilian is Osni Mucellin de Arruda is the owner of Flytec and is not yet on site.

The situation has sparked local outrage, with Carmen Sánchez, a municipal architect, denouncing the situation as completely irregular and emphasizing that there are no necessary permits for the building to function as a warehouse.

Reports that one of Paraguay’s largest bitcoin mining companies is reportedly in the building have also raised concerns about regulation in the local cryptocurrency industry.

Authorities also claim that the building under construction actually served as a warehouse for goods, containing a large amount of cardboard boxes and lithium batteries.

Flytec building under construction on fire (Image La Clave)Flytec building under construction on fire (Image La Clave)
Flytec building under construction on fire (Image La Clave)

What is described as the largest bitcoin mining farm in Paraguay was found on the 11th and 12th floors, where the fire was most intense. The machine apparently overheated, causing the out-of-control fire that firefighters had been unable to control for four days.

Although the fire is not under control, the National Electric Energy Administration (ANDE) and the Public Prosecution Service have been criticized for their lack of action given the scale of the incident.

In addition to the risk of collapse and the difficulties faced by firefighters, the situation of workers trapped during the fire is said to be dire. According to La Clave, seven workers who climbed to the 25th floor in search of refuge were rescued, but not before encountering moments of terror.

One of these employees, Antonio Vera, filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, accusing his employer of failing to take precautions and exposing him to dangers in the workplace.

Local authorities said the building was not licensed for any activity, and denied speculation about the alleged building permit.

Source: Live Coins