Worldcoin soars 110% after OpenAI announces a video generating tool

Video generated by Sora from OpenAI

Cryptocurrencies focused on artificial intelligence (AI) have posted double-digit gains in recent days after announcing the launch of Soraan AI model that is capable of this convert texts to video.

Developed by OpenAI by Sam Altman, the tool is already being dubbed the ‘Hollywood killer’, due to its ability to generate videos so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish whether or not they are created by AI.

One of the highlights of the market is that Worldcoin (WLD), also created by Sam Altman, has more than doubled in price, up 112% in the last seven days, trading at $5.38 at the time this article was written.

The rise of the digital currency also pushed its market capitalization past the $700 million mark, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

While the entire cryptocurrency market is on the rise, with Bitcoin reaching $52,000, most digital currencies are seeing much smaller increases than Worldcoin, growing between 5 and 10%.

World currency high (CoinMarketCap)World currency high (CoinMarketCap)
World currency high (CoinMarketCap)

What is Sora?

OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT, announced Sora, a new AI model that can create realistic videos from text. The model can convert written descriptions into videos of up to one minute.

For example, if someone wants to see a “dog riding a bicycle with wings flying from the Earth to the moon,” Sora can create a video of it with terrifying realism.

Sam Altman, the head of OpenAI and creator of Worldcoin, showed how Sora works by making videos of unusual things, like dogs talk on a podcast. The company said it is seeking feedback on Sora to improve it before releasing it to everyone.

OpenAI already has other well-known products such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, which converts text into images. But the company admitted that Sora still struggles to fully understand complex scenes, which can result in videos that don’t make much sense.

They showed some videos to give you an idea of ​​what Sora can do, such as drone footage over the sea and a clip of a street in Tokyo. This raises concerns about how to distinguish between what is real and what is created by AI, especially with the rise of fake videos of celebrities and politicians on the internet.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission has proposed new rules to combat the creation of false images of people, in response to concerns about fraud and harm to consumers caused by technologies such as deepfakes.

OpenAI said it is working on ways to show when a video was taken by Sora and plans to add information indicating the origin of the video. They also investigate how Sora can be used to cause harm, such as spreading disinformation, and look for ways to prevent this.

The company acknowledges that despite all its testing, it is not possible to fully predict how people will use or misuse the technology. They believe that learning from real-world use is important for creating more secure AI systems in the future.

Despite being new, Sora is not yet available to everyone.

Artificial intelligence tokens on the rise

Sora’s announcement sent WLD soaring, but other AI tokens also saw big rallies. For example, Bittensor (TAO) saw a 7% gain to $670, while rose to $0.51, marking a 5% increase on the day.

The growing interest in the intersection between AI and blockchain signals a move toward decentralization and openness of AI models, with blockchain technology providing a means to reduce concentrations of power and verify the origin of content in an era where distinctions between real and manufactured is increasing. faded.

While speculation continues as to whether the rise in token prices is directly related to Sora’s launch or part of a broader recovery in the cryptocurrency market, one thing is clear: investor interest in AI is growing.

Worldcoin in particular saw a 14.8% increase this Sunday (18), reflecting the excitement and optimism surrounding AI and blockchain innovations.

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