Argentinian court grants house arrest to owner Braiscompany

The Argentine court has granted house arrest to the man Antônio Inácio da Silva Netoleader of Brais company. The decision took place on Tuesday (21). Analysis of the defense’s request led to the understanding that such a measure would allow him to care for his minor children, who are also in Argentina.

This same right had already been granted to his wife, Fabricia Farias. However, she said she is dealing with health issues that prevent her from caring for the children. As a result, the Argentine court authorized the release of the businessman from prison.

Antônio Neto is not allowed to leave the region until the extradition process to Brazil is completed. The couple was sentenced at first instance to 149 years in prison.

149 years in prison

Antônio Neto and his wife were arrested at the end of February near the condominium where they worked in Argentina. The couple had been on the run since February 2023.

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The two are accused of running a financial pyramid scheme, through Braiscompany, that allegedly caused losses to thousands of people.

In addition to the couple, eight other defendants were convicted of crimes related to the activities of Braiscompany, which illegally moved billions through cryptocurrencies and promised surreal investment returns.

The company stopped paying its investors at the end of 2022, affecting around 20,000 people.

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Before Braiscompany, the couple was already involved in other scams, such as D9 Club

Antônio Inácio da Silva Neto and Fabrícia Farias were sentenced to 149 years in prison. The judgment, handed down by Federal Judge Vinícius Costa Vidor, also includes the obligation to repair material damage worth R$277 million and collective damages of R$100 million.

“Considering the material coincidence of the crimes, I set the final sentence at 88 (eighty-eight) years, 7 (seven) months and 13 (thirteen) days of imprisonment, and the fine at 4,223 days of penance.” says the sentence about Antônio Neto.

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