Association asks to block BRL 17 billion from the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”

An association has filed a lawsuit in the court of Rio de Janeiro to request the blockade of R$17 billion from the company of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, GAS Consultoria.

This company is under investigation by the Brazilian authorities as one of the largest financial pyramids operating in Brazil in recent years. Using Bitcoin’s image, this company promised investors across the country a fixed monthly income of 10%.

Based in Cabo Frio, it has been suspected since 2020, but in 2021 it was finally targeted by the federal police in Operation Kryptos. In this way, both the alleged pharaoh and his main leaders were arrested and their goods confiscated.

It is estimated that GAS has transacted billions of reais with customers, all of whom believe in the miracles of multiplication offered by former pastor Glaidson Acácio.

Association asks to block BRL 17 billion from the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”

In the last days of February, the National Association Center for Citizenship in Defense of Consumers and Workers (Acecont) filed a lawsuit against GAS and its leaders. One of the lawyers in the lawsuit, David Nigri, the former president of Acecont, spoke to the live coins and said Bitcoin scams in Brazil have attracted attention.

He has already filed many lawsuits against consumer fraud and he fears that GAS Consultoria could disappear with the clients’ money and that the current action was therefore justified. There are four firms joining the action, representing the interests of GAS investors who are taking huge risks never to see their money again.

This Bitcoin issue is giving mangoes a lot of substance, so much so that they are trying to pass a law in Congress. Whether the company director is really a criminal or not, only the criminal court can find out. But the fact is that people at least want to be sure that they will get that money back someday. So we have to file a lawsuit to try to block and lock this money, to reserve it, or else this money will disappear tomorrow. This is the problem that is bothering everyone, and all of this is based on the Consumer Defense Code, as it is a consumer relationship between humans and GAS

David Nigri recalls that he already has the power of attorney for the case, which was filed as a public civil suit to defend consumer interests with a request for urgent help and evidence.

This action of the association calls for the blockage of R$17 billion from the company of the Pharaoh of Bitcoins, as a matter of urgency, in addition to the payment of 20% of the loss of a lawsuit, increasing the cause to more than R$ 20 billion.

Who is named in the action?

Acecont has filed a claim against GAS Consultoria, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, MYD ZERPA TECNOLOGIA EIRELI, Mirelis Zerpa and two lawyers associated with the company’s leaders.

In the first petition, the association asks that the district of the capital Rio de Janeiro be created to assess the facts of the class action. Thus, an application was made against them to make urgent provisions for the blocking of assets, seizure or seizure of assets, subpoena of the defendants, termination of contracts with the company, blocking of cryptocurrency on behalf of all those named by the action, moral damage among others.

The case will now be judged by the Rio de Janeiro justice system, in one of the largest class actions against a financial pyramid in the country.

Source: Live Coins