Former Socialist Party of Portugal presidential candidate criticizes tax exemption on cryptocurrencies

Former Socialist Party of Portugal presidential candidate criticizes tax exemption on cryptocurrencies

A former candidate for the presidency and diplomat of Portugal criticized that her country exempts tax and value added from cryptocurrencies, giving the sector room to grow.

This speech was given by Ana Martins Gomes, of the Socialist Party of Portugal, and she is a candidate for the country’s presidency in the 2021 elections. As a critic of Vladimir Putin’s government, she participated in the SIC Notícias- program and asked her country to respond to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

One of her defenses is that a no-fly zone will be established in Ukraine to release NATO civilians. In addition, she defended that Europe would stop consuming Russian raw materials, especially those related to energy.

In fact, as a critic of the conflict, she believed that World War III may have already begun.

“Portugal exempts cryptocurrency tax and even value added,” said former country diplomat

The push for a response to the conflict in Ukraine eventually led to the topic of cryptocurrencies occupying the geopolitical news. This is because governments and politicians against Russia fear that the country will use cryptocurrencies to evade economic sanctions imposed even on local billionaires.

It is worth noting that Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, among others related to payment systems and financial services, have already left the country due to the sanctions. That is, the local government does not have access to many tools to send and receive values ​​from other countries.

But for former Portuguese diplomat Ana Gomes, the lack of tax collection in Portugal is drawing companies in the sector to the country, which may even process cryptocurrencies coming from Russia, she thought.

Lawyer in the country, she even stated that the Binance brokerage launders money with cryptocurrencies and refuses to impose sanctions against Russia, endangering the situation in Portugal for the good people.

“Portugal, moreover, which in recent years has been at the center of the attention of people linked to cryptocurrencies, which are completely unregulated, including at the European level. The government can’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist, it’s a real problem, it endangers our security.”

The Portuguese also defended that the financing of Portuguese politicians with cryptocurrencies is under investigation and that the country that attracts companies in the sector, such as the United States and Europe, should respond to its unregulated growth.

Why does Portuguese criticism attract attention in the midst of the war?

European country, Portugal has been a safe haven for those investing and working with cryptocurrencies in recent years, following a decision to exempt the sector from taxes in 2016. That is, working with this sector in the country is promising for many companies that ended up positioning themselves there.

In recent days, Expresso newspaper covered the topic of cryptocurrencies in Portugal, which also brought many families to the country. However, the sector is ironically treated as a “tax haven”, with the government now under pressure from society to deal with the sector.

It is important to remember that Portugal is one of the 12 founding countries of NATO and is being urged to participate, even indirectly, in the conflict in Ukraine.

Brazilian believes cryptocurrencies are for the survival of the population

Safiri Felix, Director of Products and Partnerships at Transfero, told Livecoins that cryptocurrencies are already widely used in Ukraine, the fourth-largest country by revenue in the sector. In addition, Russians use the system to protect themselves against their own government.

In other words, this is a tool that can help civilians survive, especially in times of instability.

“Crypto-assets and the decentralized economy, i.e. without the control of government institutions, are alternatives to the traditional financial system and can help ensure the well-being and in this case even the survival of citizens.”

Source: Live Coins