Owner of MetaMask, ConsenSys opens seven job openings in Brazil

Owner of MetaMask, ConsenSys opens seven job openings in Brazil

Leading Ethereum development company ConsenSys has opened seven job openings in Brazil, demonstrating its interest in the country and its community.

In Brazil, one of the largest Ethereum communities is brought together by Facebook, where some 20,000 members discuss the technology every day. In addition, Brazil will host the Ethereum.Rio event in the coming days, between March 11 and 20 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, promoted by the community itself.

Since many people in the country are fans of Ethereum technology and work with decentralized applications and DeFi, there is a new opportunity to work in the industry. One of the most famous uses of this company is the MetaMask wallet, which is used by millions of people around the world.

ConsenSys opens seven vacancies in Brazil

Announcing from Los Angeles, ConsenSys posted seven job openings via LinkedIn, allowing Brazilians to join the leading Ethereum ecosystem and work from their home for a US company.

Among the perks offered by the company is the opportunity to have mentorships with great minds from the global Ethereum community, in addition to talking to developers from MetaMask, Infura among others. As a ConsenSys employee it is even possible to be a speaker at community events.

“At ConsenSys, we envision a world where data sovereignty and financial well-being are accessible to all people and organizations. We believe that Ethereum and decentralized protocol technology provide a more reliable and equitable foundation for how we create and share value on the Internet.”

As all job postings are remote, knowledge of English is required, in addition to training and technical knowledge such as JavaScript, Solidity, Ethereum Virtual Machine, Vyper, Truffle, among others.

The salaries for the vacancies have not been made public by the company, nor the means of payment, be it in cryptocurrency or Brazilian real.

Mobile and Blockchain Programmers

Since they are technical jobs, programmers who want to apply should have experience in creating software on blockchain and also mobile. Most positions are for junior level, but there are also opportunities for assistants.

It is not clear what ConsenSys plans to do with this expansion in the country, but this is one of the companies that will help the Central Bank of Brazil create the digital Real, along with Visa do Brasil and Microsoft. In this way, it is possible that this contract is already creating a DeFi mechanism in the Brazilian CBDC.

Regardless, the job postings highlight the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem in the country, attracting even more businesses and generating revenue for fans of the technology.

Source: Live Coins