Bitcoin is a powerful tool for human freedom, says owner

Bitcoin is a powerful tool for human freedom, says owner

According to the website operator of, Cobra Bitcoin, bitcoin is a powerful tool of human freedom.

When Satoshi left the scene, he distributed some of the best Bitcoin related domains he owned to the community. Bitcoin Talk, for example, eventually came under the control of Theymos., a reference site for studies on the fundamentals of Bitcoin, lagged behind Cobra, which still operates the site for accessing informational content. He is an outspoken fan of digital currencies, remains optimistic about the future of technology and follows the ideals of freedom left behind by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Cobra: “Bitcoin is not a joke, but a powerful tool of human freedom”

The operator of the website has made clear his views on the currency he has championed for a few years, especially at a time of major military conflicts plaguing Europe.

According to him, many people believe that Bitcoin is an investment, while others think that it is a means of payment. However, he thinks otherwise, seeing how the magic of Bitcoin is its potential to move wealth from all over the world and in unusual situations.

In this way, he bluntly stated that Bitcoin is much more than a joke “have fun getting poor”, it is a powerful tool of human freedom.

“Bitcoin can be an investment or be used for payments, but IMO is the best and most idealistic use case as a magical way to move wealth across borders and into hostile environments. It’s such a powerful tool for human freedom that it gets lost in the “have fun getting poor” jokes.

Is Dogecoin a better currency than Bitcoin? Cobra explained his opinion

After commenting on his opinion about Bitcoin, an internet user tried to argue with Cobra that all cryptocurrencies share the same property as the largest currency in the world.

However, he remained steadfast in his belief that only Bitcoin has the liquidity and the market to remain ubiquitous. For example, snake argued that a sale of Dogecoin in a third world country could get in trouble, something Bitcoin doesn’t.

In this way, he believes that altcoins are not comparable to Bitcoin as he is a proponent of the technology and freedom that this currency brings. This view was eventually shared by another declared Bitcoin fan, namely Adam Back, referred to by some as a possible Satoshi Nakamoto and quoted by him in his Whitepaper.

According to Back, as Bitcoin falls against the dollar, it continues to break records in Russian rubleshowing that this is a reserve currency for populations in need of this refuge.

“BTCUSD down 43% ATH (all-time high). BTCRUB new ATH. Bitcoin is a store of value for uncertain times and essentially an asset class to thaw.”

Source: Live Coins