Research Shows Women Still Avoid Cryptocurrencies

A survey by R7 Save finds that women avoid cryptocurrencies and stocks, considered by many to be a form of variable income.

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the participation of women in the investment market has grown in recent years. For example, in the cryptocurrency market, the IRS recently reported that women made 2% more transactions in 2021 compared to 2020.

On the Brazilian stock exchange, B3, there are currently 1,183,187 women on the stock exchange, a figure that represents 23.5% of the sector’s 5,026,404 investors. Anyway, the number is a record number of CPFs registered for women and shows that the scenario has gotten better for investors.

“Women avoid stocks and cryptocurrencies because they have a more conservative profile”

In R7’s research, the conclusion that remains is that women generally have a more conservative profile in investments than men. This becomes clear when analyzing how they plan to achieve their 2022 financial goals.

In response, 32.4% of women said they wanted to put their money in savings, 13.9% in fixed income and 9.4% in mutual funds. Meanwhile, according to this survey, men have more aggressive profiles, although 27.8% have stated that they want to invest in savings by 2022.

According to Ana Paula Netto, financial advisor at Onze, the difference in variable income profiles is even more apparent.

“The difference in profiles becomes more apparent when we analyze higher risk investments such as equities and… cryptocurrencies† To the Ladiesare the least chosen options, indicated by 8.2% and 6.7%, respectively. Among men, 19.3% opt for stocks and 18.4% for cryptocurrencies”.

The advisor points out that women and men position themselves based on the return and risk of investments, and that this depends on several factors, such as time horizon, life moment, objective and risk profile of each person.

13th salary of 2021: who bought the most cryptocurrencies?

At the end of 2021, employees received their 13th salary and had to choose to invest some. And of the 19,400 people interviewed by the survey, they preferred to be conservative with value, with 50% of men and 48% of women buying fixed-income securities.

In risk appetite, 12% of women invested in cryptocurrencies, while 26% of men acquired these digital assets, which is more than double that.

Women are becoming leaders in cryptocurrency companies

While many women still avoid cryptocurrencies and choose to remain fixed-income even with high inflation in Brazil, others have chosen to take management risks in companies in the sector.

One of them is Renata Mancini, president of ABCripto, who emphasized in a statement shared with the live coins what “Women’s Day reminds us that we all play an important role in society to guarantee equal civil rights in terms of gender, ethnicity and social class, both professionally and personally

Julieti Brambila, representative of the ABCripto Self-Regulation Council, emphasized that gender diversity and others are important

“It is a compass for more active listening and therefore for more supervision, an expansion of the creative view, complementarity, fragmentation of responsibilities and an enriching path”.

In other words, not all women avoid the risks of this market, while already trying to position themselves in the new digital economy and discover advantages in the sector, which offers great business opportunities.

Source: Live Coins