“Bitcoin Jesus” Returns From Ashes, Says Dogecoin Is Better Than Bitcoin

“Bitcoin Jesus” Returns From Ashes, Says Dogecoin Is Better Than Bitcoin

Roger Ver returned to Twitter last Tuesday (26) after a break of exactly 365 days. Known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his support in the evangelization of Bitcoin in the early days, Ver has even become a joke for supporting the largest Bitcoin clone.

Going further, the owner of the website Bitcoin.com returned to attack Bitcoin this Thursday (28) by stating that even Dogecoin is better than bitcoin during a conversation with Bloomberg. Such attacks also targeted Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy.

Far, however, expressed concern about the regulatory paths Bitcoin is taking. According to him, using escrow wallets could end up killing one of the key features that make Bitcoin so great.

Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin, says Roger Ver

Interestingly, Roger Ver returned to using Twitter after Elon Musk, the main promoter of Dogecoin, bought the social network. Even more curious is Ver’s sudden support for Dogecoin, as can be seen in his speech below.

“Dogecoin is significantly better [que o Bitcoin]† It is cheaper and more reliable. If I had to choose three competitors [ao BTC]that would be Doge, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.”

Known as the “Jesus of Bitcoin” for his actions in the early days of Bitcoin, Ver was treated like a Judas after promoting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the real Bitcoin. The main medium for this was the website, Bitcoin.com. However, Ver told Bloomberg that he is not a single currency maximalist.

“I’ve always had a varied basket of cryptocurrencies. I was never a Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash maximalist.”

So while Bitcoin Cash has sunk today on the 25th by market cap, it’s possible that Ver may still be doing quite well financially thanks to Bitcoin if he hasn’t sold.

Finally, Ver also took the opportunity to criticize Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and one of Bitcoin’s biggest proponents.

“He talks about how Bitcoin is encrypted packets – it’s a meaningless technology bubble”

Worried about Bitcoin?

Despite his criticisms, likely based on grievances, Ver was also concerned about Bitcoin’s future. However, this concern may just be a kind of counter-attack against the community that has been attacking him since 2017.

“When ordinary people use escrow wallets, Bitcoin has lost a key feature that made it so revolutionary.”

The topic Ver refers to is the marking of wallets, an agenda proposed by the European Parliament, in a way supported by some wallets and, also this week, a topic raised by Andreas Antonopoulos on the BIP 119.

Finally, we still don’t know the real reasons for Roger Ver’s return. However, the owner of the Bitcoin.com website may be looking for a partnership with Twitter. After all, there is no other reason to say that Dogecoin is good.

Source: Live Coins