Workers Cause Party criticizes NFTs: ‘Grab money from muggles’

Workers Cause Party criticizes NFTs: ‘Grab money from muggles’

NFTs may be quite popular, but they certainly also receive a lot of criticism, even from participants in the cryptocurrency market, who do not believe in the proposition that digital art offers. Who has recently criticized these assets is the Workers’ Cause Partythe PCO, a party that not only defends the Marxist cause, but is also one of those that directly supported the candidacy of Luís Inácio “Lula” da Silva for the presidency.

In a message on the official website called “NFT and the Metaverse: Cash Reserves Inherited from the Khu”the PCO, talked about the NFTs and even how some of his ideas seem to relate to what the ancaps to defend.

“As a result of the party’s stance on issues related to censorship, individual liberty and state repression, many ancaps identify with and sympathize with the PCO,” the article reads.

The PCO points out that some people might even say that creating a store of value directly linked to the virtual world and creating digital scarcity is an evolution of a capitalist society, but for the party it is a sign of decline.

“Some of these people might say that the creation of extremely abstract stores of value on the Internet, also called ‘digital scarcity’, is a reflection of the development of capitalist society, but in fact we can see that this is one of the signs of a society in decline.”


For the PCO, NFTs are just another resource used by the bourgeoisie” to further exploit the working class with new empty promises of financial speculation, “as if the real world market wasn’t bad enough already”

The party’s article argues that NFTs conflict with the intentions of their main proponents and that what should be a state-independent property title is used to reinforce the idea of ​​intellectual property, that is, the legal protection of products, patents, inventions or different kinds of creations, including artistic creations on the Internet.

With NFTs, some are even “revolting” by anyone who stores the images on their computers, as a form of theft, according to the PCO.

“This claim concerns nothing more than the interests of the bourgeoisie, who find it absurd that a citizen transforms something abstract and that does not exist outside the digital world, but in contrast is a source of a lot of money for these entrepreneurs into an object that is further goes beyond codes, but it only brings richness to the employee’s entertainment.”

This is an odd example, as no NFT owner really thinks copying their images in JPEG format is theft, and in fact NFT guarantees the value of the original image, even with many copies.

Apparently the PCO took the meme a little too seriously.

In doing so, the party makes clear its stance towards the NFTs and what they represent to the real world as a whole.

Source: Live Coins