Rio de Janeiro is looking for brokers to enable IPTU with cryptocurrencies

Rio de Janeiro is looking for brokers to enable IPTU with cryptocurrencies

The city of Rio de Janeiro is looking for brokers to make it possible to accept cryptocurrencies with the payment of IPTU, according to new information released by the state of São Paulo. In this way, paying taxes in 2023 should already have the new option for taxpayers.

Before that, Rio’s mayor announced in January that he will buy cryptocurrencies for the city’s treasury and provide a discount for IPTU payments paid in bitcoin. It is worth noting that when we talk about cryptocurrency payments, this may open up more payment options.

For example, Mayor Eduardo Paes confirmed in late March 2022 that Rio de Janeiro will allow IPTU payments with cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

Rio de Janeiro gives more details on how it will accept IPTU with cryptocurrencies

The beautiful city, as Rio de Janeiro is known, continues to build its path connected to the cryptocurrency market. In this way, Estadão shared that this path is rapidly intensifying, with solid plans for 2023.

Indeed, by accepting payment from IPTU with cryptocurrencies, Rio de Janeiro positions itself as the first city in Brazil to take this step. In fact, with the proposal to regulate cryptocurrencies recently advanced in the federal senate, this situation could soon gain legal backing, according to lawmakers who claimed them when voting on the project.

And by accepting the IPTU first, Rio de Janeiro plans to expand cryptocurrencies adoption, City Secretary for Finance and Planning Andrea Senko said. According to her, successful cases such as those in Ohio (US) and Ontario (Canada) are closely followed by the town hall.

In addition, she expects the cryptocurrency ecosystem to evolve for this new digital currency financial market. As for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the IPTU can be paid not only with bitcoin, but also with altcoins and stablecoins.

Andrea explained that this will depend on how the exchange that will convert cryptocurrencies to Real wants to work. That is, Rio is already looking for a platform that will do the brokerage, showing that it will not add cryptocurrencies to its coffers.

In recent months, Eduardo Paes got to know the CEO of Binance, CZ, to whom he donated a key to the city and has already stated that he will establish an office of the major real estate agency in the capital Rio de Janeiro. That is, it is possible that this is one of the companies that will soon help the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Congressman Believes Cryptocurrencies Will Generate Jobs And Income For The City

When the first announcement was made that Rio de Janeiro was accepting cryptocurrencies for the IPTU, Federal Deputy Pedro Paulo (PSD-RJ) stood before the Secretary of the Treasury.

Wanted by Estadão, he stated that cryptocurrencies will generate income, with specialized and high paying jobs. In other words, the mood of the city council of Rio de Janeiro is one of enthusiasm about the novelty, which continues to attract attention from all over the world.

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