Residents petition to evict Bitcoin miners

Residents petition to evict Bitcoin miners

Residents of Cherokee County, US, have launched a petition to expel Bitcoin miners from the region. According to them, the noise and vibration of the equipment affects their lives as well as that of the animals living in the region.

With 2,197 signatures, with a target of 2,500, the petition points out that the equipment is in an open space, with no mechanisms to reduce the noise coming from it. With the US miners invading after the ban from China, the note continues and issues a warning to residents of other cities.

“The natural beauty and tranquility of our area is at risk. Your community could be next.”

The Daily Beast, which also reported on the case, reports that this is a recurring problem in the US. As an example, he cites a similar situation in Missoula County, where miners had to adapt to new laws related to the impact of their operations.

Mining company protected by armed guards

Still with information from the Daily Beast, protesters claim they can’t even get close to the mining farm. In addition to signs warning that taking pictures or recording videos is prohibited, it is protected by armed guards, as indicated by Cyndie Roberson, a Cherokee County resident and creator of the petition.

“They have armed guards, like a private security service, and they chased some of our protesters onto the road.”

While there is no information on the size of the farm, such safety concerns seem normal. After all, a single Bitcoin mining ASIC is valued between BRL 33,000 and BRL 75,000 and due to the noise complaints there are believed to be several of them.

In addition to the noise, residents also complain about the vibrations caused by the machines. The combination of these two factors would also interfere with wildlife. In addition to behavioral change and animal reproduction, it may even affect the pollination of certain plants, the Daily Beast points out.

New challenges for policymakers and entrepreneurs

While some people believe Bitcoin mining is a waste of energy, it is what keeps the largest cryptocurrency on the market safe. However, complaints from residents of Cherokee County about noise pollution seem justified.

However, the legislator is not obvious. After all, there would probably be nothing to worry about if this company came from another area, such as a carpentry business. This petition may have been created only as a result of Bitcoin.

As for miners, they could seek solutions to lessen their neighbors’ problem. Regardless, it is possible that these cases are becoming more common, especially in the US, as it is an issue that should be considered by all.

Source: Live Coins