“Beggar catcher” becomes theme of NFT game with cryptocurrencies

A new metaverse-linked NFT game that has surfaced in recent days has a “beggar” theme running away from a nervous husband. And the mechanism of the new game is very similar to the case that arose in Brazil’s Planaltina, with the figure of Givaldo Alves.

In the situation, which is still under investigation by the civilian police, a beggar had apparently consensual love affairs with a married woman, in a vehicle on a public road. The situation was caught by her husband, a personal trainer who physically assaulted the homeless man.

After gaining fame with the episode, former homeless person Givaldo Alves caught the eye on social networks and won an apartment from an influencer who has a past linked to cryptocurrency pyramids in Brazil.

As such, he now flaunts a life of luxury and has used his image to create various meme cryptocurrency tokens, a dangerous situation for serious investors.


“Beggar” Becomes Metaverse NFT Game Theme

Created on April 25, a Facebook page announced the launch of “MendiGame”, a novelty that is beyond weird.

That’s because the whole game is based on just three characters, the Beggara beautiful Mary and Ron Bravo† To play the game, interested parties must purchase one of the characters, sold through Box and can be Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic or Legendary.

If the player has two characters and “crosses” them, he may have a chance to get a Super Legendary NFT.

“MendiGame is a crazy and hilarious escape, from which our mischievous beggar must escape Rony Bravo to avoid being beaten, and Maria Bonita to avoid being hugged.”

In addition to purchasing the characters’ NFTs, players must purchase the items that fuel the race. In the case of Mendigo, it is necessary to buy “soup”, “whey protein” for Rony Bravo and “makeup” for Maria Bonita.


Game token is called “Alms”

For example, in NFT games like Axie Infinity, players are rewarded with tokens, such as SLP. In the case of MendiGame, the base token will be “Esmola”, slated to launch in May, according to the project’s roadmap.

While the name and tokenomics have been released, the project’s network has not yet been revealed. The project claims it will be audited by Certik, a company known for monitoring smart contracts, but this information is not available on the company’s website, according to the investigation. live coins

Alms Token Becomes The Main Of MendiGame
Alms Token will be the most important of MendiGame. reproduction.

The founder quoted by the page is Cristiano Santiago, just 23 years old, who claims to be a fan of cryptocurrency technology although he admits that he is not yet known in the market.

The problem of cryptocurrency gaming

It is important to emphasize that the NFTs and Metaverse Gaming Market Have Been Unsustainable in Recent Months† Many games that hit the market delivered little on what they promised and didn’t keep up for months.

One of them was the family of games CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes and CryptoGuards, which planned a metaverse that was considered promising by many NFT analysts, but only resulted in a huge loss for its gamers, including Brazilians.

Even Axie Infinity is struggling to maintain its loyal gamer base, after seeing its AXS token plummet 81% in the past six months, in addition to the brutal drop in SLP, from 97% in 10 months.

In other words, while the topic may catch the attention of many people in Brazil, NFT games are considered very high-risk investments, and it is impossible to predict how long it will take or whether it will actually be released.

Source: Live Coins