Flexible, low-risk investing with 10 cryptocurrencies on CoinEx

Flexible, low-risk investing with 10 cryptocurrencies on CoinEx

To the holders of cryptocurrencies that don’t like to take a lot of risk, besides trading cryptocurrencies, getting extra returns by using inactive cryptos is a prudent and safe investment option

As the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, more and more digital currency investors are now preferring stable and flexible investments and financial services such as the financial account of CoinEx

By increasing the value of deposited coins, the feature provides users with returns in addition to the profits made from trading cryptocurrencies.

the exchange distributes to users 70% of the interest income of borrowed coins in margin tradingin proportion to the proportion of their shares allocated to the resource.

In other words, you can generate additional income by simply depositing your inactive assets into the financial account, without having to trade cryptocurrencies.

According to the official announcement, the CoinEx Introduced 10 New Cryptocurrencies your Financial Account on March 7, 2022 (UTC), including:

At the moment the feature covers 30 regular cryptocurrencies including the assets USDT, BTC, BCH and ETHthat meet a broad demand in the field of depositing inactive cryptocurrencies.

To maximize their earnings, users who own many types of cryptocurrencies can select the crypto with the highest return based on the 7-day APY (annual percentage return) displayed in the financial account.

And the best: the product no minimum deposit amountthat allows users to flexibly manage their assets.

Why choose CoinEx Financial Account? Discover the main benefits

  1. Earn interest on cryptocurrency deposits in just one simple step

At CoinEx, you can earn daily interest by simply transferring your inactive assets from your spot account to your financial account. It is worth noting that the accrual of interest does not begin until the second day after the assets are deposited, and the return will be paid into your account on the third day. With the Financial Account you can start earning in one step!

  1. Compound Interest Daily Breakdown

The CoinEx Financial Account offers compound interest, which is automatically deposited into your account after it is paid out. In addition, the daily interest income is included in the confirmed amount and used to calculate the next day’s interest income.

It goes like this:

Yesterday’s income (interest on the corresponding currency generated the previous day) = 70% of the last day’s interest income of borrowed currencies from margin trading * (the last day interest-bearing currencies of the user’s financial account / total of the currencies with interest from the last day of all financial accounts)

  1. Deposit and withdrawal on demand, no limit

Funds in cash accounts are normally transferred to/from the financial account in real time. Since there are no minimum deposit requirements, the feature has no limit on how many deposits/withdrawals you can make. With this feature, you can experience unlimited services and take advantage of flexible wealth management that truly supports on-demand deposits/withdrawals!

  1. Instant returns and profit and loss analysis (NLP)

At CoinEx, you manage your wealth in three easy steps via the financial account. Moreover, the NLP analysis of the exchange provides a comprehensive overview of the profit/loss, allowing users to better choose the type of crypto they want to deposit to start earning in the financial account.

As the cryptocurrency market remains sluggish, an increasing number of crypto investors have started to prefer trading products/channels. constant return investment† Ensuring this feature for users, in addition to: low risk and enhanced securityCoinEx Financial Account is suitable for those looking for low risk profits.

In addition, the feature offers easy operation, making it more user-friendly for users who have recently started investing in cryptos. In the future, CoinEx will also expand the scope of the financial account with more cryptocurrencies and launch diversified services according to the market demand. Stay tuned for more interesting products from CoinEx

Source: Live Coins