Bitcoin Is A Form Of Money, Says Joe Rogan, Host Of The World’s Largest Podcast

Bitcoin Is A Form Of Money, Says Joe Rogan, Host Of The World’s Largest Podcast

Joe Rogan, host of the most popular podcast in the world, spoke to Khalil Rountree Jr., UFC fighter, on the latest episode of his show, which aired this Tuesday (3). As a highlight, both spoke positively about the largest cryptocurrency in the world: Bitcoin.

This is not the first time Rogan has talked about Bitcoin on his show. In episode #581, broadcast in December 2014, Rogan was given a “lesson” from Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the leading experts in the field. At that time, one Bitcoin was worth only R$950.

In addition to its price, which rose from BRL 900 to BRL 195,000, Bitcoin has undergone other significant changes since then. In addition to updates to the project itself, such as the introduction of SegWit and Taproot, BTC has also seen a growth in adoption — by people, businesses, and even one country, El Salvador.

“The Bitcoin Awakening of Khalil Rountree”

The conversation about the matter began, UFC fighter Khalil Rountree Jr. tells how he was surprised to attend the Bitcoin 2022 conference. One of his main comments is that the pioneers who attended were only interested in Bitcoin, not the cryptocurrency sector.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about something like this and I’m not a financial guy. I’m not someone who grew up knowing about financial networks and systems and stock markets or anything. And now I’m finally at a point where I’m starting to see a future for myself.”

After listening to this clip, it’s clear that the title of the video, “Khalil Rountree’s Bitcoin Awakens”, roughly sums up the topic of conversation. In the hackers’ lingo, the fighter would have taken the “orange pill”, an allusion to Neo’s choice in the Matrix movie.

Rountree goes on to talk about the current monetary system and how Bitcoin has the potential to be used in everyday life and improve both yours and others’.

“I can finally have something I own that is mine. What I win is mine, and you can’t touch it.”

“You can also get paid in satoshis, which is a fraction of a Bitcoin, from lenders. […] You don’t need to buy Bitcoin. […] So my fans and followers can send me satoshis just like they send Instagram likes.”

Joe Rogan is also interested in Bitcoin

After five minutes of listening to Rountree’s impassioned speech, Joe Rogan takes the floor and likens Bitcoin to the dawn of the Internet, when few people were using it. In addition, keep in mind that the regulations in the two sectors are similar.

“I think about Bitcoin the same way I thought about the beginning of the internet. They didn’t see it coming and now it’s a viable form of money.”

Following this, the host of the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience recalls about the government’s attempts to censor the internet during the reign of US President Barack Obama. According to Rogan, such proposals did not go through under pressure from the population.

With regard to a potential ban on cryptocurrencies, Rogan is concerned about CBDCs – central bank digital currencies. According to him, a CBDC allows governments to control how you spend your money.

“You can buy food and shelter, but we won’t let you travel”emphasizes Joe Rogan on how CBDCs can be a government weapon. “This can really be where they can literally limit how you spend your money.”

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