Court Blocks Airline Miles From Business Owner Accused Of Bitcoin Pyramid

Court Blocks Airline Miles From Business Owner Accused Of Bitcoin Pyramid

Atlas Quantum owner Rodrigo Marques’ airline miles have been blocked at the request of a victim of the company. The businessman’s whereabouts are unknown after a mob of investors asked for withdrawals of the platform’s values.

Touted as a financial pyramid scheme in recent years, Atlas Quantum used as justification for its operations alleged cryptocurrency arbitrage operations between brokers.

In this way, she sponsored community events, set up a luxurious headquarters in São Paulo and used the image of celebrities to make her company known throughout Brazil. However, after a decision by the CVM, which ordered the company to stop attracting investors, the plan collapsed without the arrival of new investors.

Until today, customers who believed in the profitability of “Robô Quantum” could not get their money back.

Atlas Quantum owner’s airline miles have been blocked by law enforcement

Although he disappeared, Rodrigo Marques is not forgotten by the Brazilian legal system, which deals with different cases in all states against the plan he created.

In recent days, for example, an investor from Brasília who is suing the owner of Atlas Quantum has asked for the blocking of his air miles present in the Tam Fidelidade program (Latam Linhas Aéreas).

There are 62,929 miles on the site, with an average value of approximately R$1,500.00. And the investor had asked in court to block the miles, but the judge hearing the case rejected the request, stating that they are non-transferable.

“Despite the plaintiff’s allegations, the E. TJDFT has made a decision regarding the unusability of miles in aviation programs, on the grounds that their transfer is prohibited after entering the program’s account, so that the measure would not be effective to be.”

Miles have value

Dissatisfied, Atlas Quantum’s plaintiff and former client took the matter to the second instance and asked for an injunction to overturn the decision. To his surprise, the judge who analyzed his petition agreed with his claims, as air miles have a market value and can be blocked.

According to the magistrate “all current and future goods must pay their debts“, agreeing that Latam must reserve the value for the customer of the scam that used the bitcoin image.

The defendant, Rodrigo Marques dos Santos, has 62,929 points, according to the official reference documents. It should be noted that this score has economic value, so much so that it is sold on various electronic sites such as: Maxmilhas, Hotmilhas, 123milhas and countless others. All current and future assets of the debtor must meet their debts, within the meaning of Art. 789 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Thus, in the absence of other seized assets, the limitation of miles belonging to the debtor should be allowed as the execution cannot be perpetuated.

So this must be one of the cases where one of the customers recovers at least part of the loss that he had in the business.

Source: Live Coins