BRL 97 Million in “Satoshi Era” Bitcoin Moves After 11 Years

BRL 97 Million in “Satoshi Era” Bitcoin Moves After 11 Years

This Wednesday (9), 486 bitcoins were moved after sitting in a wallet for more than 11 years. The last transaction took place in October 2010, when Satoshi Nakamoto was still involved in the development of Bitcoin. That is why this time is called the “Satoshi era”.

Since there was no solid market at the time, it is difficult to estimate the exact price of Bitcoin in 2010. However, sources indicate that each unit was worth 6 cents, or R$0.10 as the Real was worth $1.69.

Therefore, these 486 were equal to 49 reais in 2010. This amount is currently more than 97 million reais, as BTC is worth 198,000 R$, probably the best investment of the decade.

486 Sleeping Bitcoins from the Satoshi Era

Although the blockchain is public, allowing you to view transactions and also send and receive addresses, it is impossible to know who is the investor who had the patience to hold these bitcoins for so long.

The fact is that these bitcoins have been stopped for more than 11 years, from October 2010 until the night of this Thursday (9) when the whole amount was sent to two addresses. While one of them received 3 rounds of BTC, another received 486,091 BTC.

According to data from, this 486 BTC may be the change for the transaction. Therefore, it is quite possible that the investor will continue to hold almost all of his bitcoins, after spending only 3 BTC (BRL 600,000).

Transaction of dormant bitcoins for over 11 years. Source: Blockchair

Moreover, since he has known Bitcoin since the Satoshi era, when the currency was not popular at all, it is likely that the millionaire holder has even more bitcoins in other wallets.

However, this money hardly belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the creator of Bitcoin, after all, experts point out that Satoshi never moved his bitcoins after they were mined, regardless of the date.

In addition to these millions in Bitcoin, it is worth noting that the millionaire also received 486 BCH while creating the largest Bitcoin clone, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Despite this, he did not insist on moving these funds, after all they are only worth R$710,000.

Finally, although anonymous, we are sure that this is a story that this millionaire will tell to his grandchildren. Fortunately, this one has a happier ending than the two pizzas for the 10,000 BTC story, also in 2010.

Source: Live Coins