Finder Study Predicts Death Of Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency (SHIB)

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency is a staple of the crypto market and a currency loved by memecoin enthusiasts. However, a survey of FinTech industry experts shows that not everyone shares the positivity of the SHIB community, with many claiming that the coin may even lose its value in the future.

A study by, which claims to have consulted 36 FinTech experts on SHIB’s fundamentals and future, revealed that the coin could lose all of its value in the next 8 years. The research panel consists of the chief technology officer of Swinburne University, Dimitrios Salampasis and senior lecturer at the University of Canberra, John Hawkins.

The panel was very direct when talking about the possible future of the cryptocurrency, not mince words about distrust of the project. Research results claim that SHIB will achieve $0.000018750 “around the end of the year”70% of the expert group states that SHIB “will be worthless until the end of 2030”.

SHIB price movement forecast for 2022, 2025 and 2030. Source: Finder

Finder co-founder, Fred Schebesta entered the debate to argue that the best option now is to sell the cryptocurrency as it will only lose value over time.

“Being a meme coin, I don’t have much hope for dashiba’s future. I see this currency getting close to zero in the long run and not being able to provide enough usability,” said Fred.

The survey shows that 6 out of 10 stated that the token will die “by the end of 2025”. Only 3% of panelists said they believed it was the right time to buy, although 23% advised to keep the cryptocurrency.

Finder stated that it conducted its investigation in late April 2022 and also pointed out that many of the analysts believe the hype at the top of the coin may still have strength in the near term, causing the price to shift upwards in the near future. , the long-term view is one of negativity.

As you can imagine, the SHIB community was not shocked, especially on Reddit, with members of the “SHIB army” showing their trust in the project, no matter what the experts say. One of the investors even warned not to believe the investigation.

“Believe the FUD . not [Medo, Incerteza, Dúvida]† Keep buying and holding. They want you to sell so they can buy at a discount.”

Source: Live Coins