Brazilian does not sell Bitcoin and gets jail time

Brazilian does not sell Bitcoin and gets jail time

A Brazilian announced the sale of BRL 25,000 in bitcoin to a customer and ultimately failed to deliver the amount after receiving the customer’s money. A lawsuit was filed against him in court for embezzlement.

The case took place in the state of Alagoas, in northeastern Brazil, where the alleged bitcoin seller was eventually investigated by the prosecution.

Since bitcoin was born as a currency that is sent from person to person, it is common for these transactions to occur frequently.

Brazilian sells bitcoin, does not deliver and gets jail time

The curious case shows that problems can arise in negotiations, especially when one of the parties has not meant well.

This is because, after negotiating the purchase of bitcoin, the buyer waited in vain to receive his coins in his wallet in December 2017.

Victim of a possible scam, the buyer went to the authorities in 2018 to take the case to court. In May 2022, the seller was sentenced to 1 year, 1 month and 15 days in open-headed prison, plus a fine.

In recent days, the convicted seller tried to appeal, claiming that there was no scam or fraud, but a commercial disagreement between the parties.

The prosecution was called to participate and said the conviction should be upheld, according to an excerpt from the order of the case in which the live coins had access, doubt even if the seller actually had bitcoins to sell.

“The appellate prosecutor appealed and defended the veracity of the appealed conviction, arguing that the appellant’s intent to deceive the victim was prior and ordered, so much so that it effectively negotiated and dealt with the offended party before this large bank transfer was received of BRL 25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand reais), without the necessary consideration (transfer of bitcoins) and without even offering to refund the amount received or in any other way to compensate the damage caused to recover. Moreover, it points out that the applicant has not proved that it transferred a significant amount of bitcoins in favor of “Leandro”, who did not even know how to qualify, and there are even doubts as to whether the applicant actually transferred bitcoins in his possession.”

The seller’s appeal to try to get out of prison will now be reviewed by the judges of the second instance of the Alagoas Court of Justice.

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