“It’s very easy to trick people,” says influencer who raised BRL 565,000 in Bitcoin

“It’s very easy to trick people,” says influencer who raised BRL 565,000 in Bitcoin

FatMan rose to fame this year after revealing Confidential Information About Earth (LUNA). In his most recent appearance, the influencer claims to have received 5.45 BTC (R$565,000) from various investors in a “fake scam” involving a Bitcoin mining company.

According to FatMan, one such experiment was an awareness campaign to let people know that 99% of cryptocurrency projects are scams. Finally, he states that he returned the money to everyone involved.

Despite their good will, this is an exception in the industry. After all, naive investors like the above are likely to lose all their savings by trusting an anonymous person on the internet.

The FatMan Experiment That Hoarded 5.45 BTC

According to FatMan itself, the influencer received 3.45 from Twitter users and another 2 BTC from Discord users, promising them income from a Bitcoin mining farm. In total, the combined value exceeds 565 thousand reais.

He then explains that he used “a lot of buzzwords” to sell his idea. However, he points out that he didn’t reveal any major details about what people put their savings into.

“Nobody knew where the income came from. But people were still investing.”

He then took the opportunity to point the finger at Terra (LUNA) founder Do Kwon, noting that 99% of cryptocurrency projects are scams with the sole purpose of enriching their founders. BitBoy and Ran Neuner, two YouTubers, were also the target of their criticism. After all, these kinds of influencers get paid millions for promoting dubious cryptocurrencies.

Concluding his experiment, where all the money was returned to the near-victims, FatMan notes how easy it is to trick people.

“It is very easy to cheat people with cryptocurrencies. And that has to change. If you don’t understand where income comes from, you are income. Listen carefully to critics of a project or investment before getting started. Listen carefully.”

Unicamp professor criticized the fake FatMan project

The day before revealing that this was an experiment, FatMan was promoting his fake “Bitcoin mining farm” to his followers. The most skeptical doubted the generous offer. One of them was Jorge Stolfi, a Unicamp professor who hates Bitcoin.

‘How generous you are. Promote a ponzi to people who were stupid enough to fall in love with another ponzi. Just in case they haven’t learned their lesson and need a tutor?”

Despite quickly returning all the money in his wallet, this window of time was enough for FatMan to receive several critical acclaim on his social networks.

As a highlight, one of his followers asked if the influencer has any evidence that this was an awareness campaign, before being demoralized by much of the community.

Source: Live Coins