Fake Apple Live Promising Cryptocurrencies Break Viewer Record

Fake Apple Live Promising Cryptocurrencies Break Viewer Record

Fake cryptocurrency streams on YouTube have been a common problem on the platform for a few months now. They work very simply, a channel shows previously recorded content about cryptocurrencies, usually with a well-known name, as if it were a live event. Even now that this scam is popular, data shows that hundreds of thousands still follow this type of content.

In a recent report from The Verge, the site analyzed recent numbers of a live done masquerading as an Apple reveal and noted that a large number of people were still watching the videos and falling for the scam.

With a very simple title: “Apple Event Live. Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple & Metaverse in 2022”, the live also had the logos of Bitcoin It is from Ethereumas well as the “URGENT NEWS” bar at the bottom.

In the video there was also the ‘amazing and unmissable’ promise: we will double your cryptocurrencies. Just send an amount of BTC or ETH to the address that appears on the screen and they will return up to 2x what was sent which is a big lie.

Apple fake broadcast. Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

The live was re-appropriated from a CNN Money interview with Tim Cook in 2018. The news channel’s logo was partially obscured by the text “Apple Crypto Event 2022”, but more surprisingly than that, the broadcast appears to have been a minor success. while alive.

More than 70 thousand people followed fake live

For a moment, the live stream accompanied by The Verge soared from 16,000 viewers to a total of 70,000, which is a huge number for any YouTube channel, even the big ones.

The Verge points out that Apple held an official event on the same day, and that likely helped confuse many people about the true nature of the fake live.

It is worth noting that these lifetimes tend to use household names in the crypto market, mostly big businessmen who support the sector such as Elon Musk, Michael Saylor and Apple’s own Tim Cook.

Hacked channels showed the fake live that promised double Bitcoins with an image of Elon Musk.

The edge also claims that he found a live stream on another channel that claims to be “Apple Inc” [sic]. The live pretended to be an event with Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk about Apple and the metaverse, but actually relayed a Bitcoin interview with Musk and Jack Dorsey.

This live reached more than 10,000 viewers and also led to a suspicious cryptocurrency site.

Why do so many people watch these lives?

Something that The Verge didn’t comment on in the original article is the origin of these live channels: None of them were created by the scammers.

The truth is that these channels are being stolen from content creators big and small. These are hacked channels that have had their full identity changed and their content changed. While some of these hacks (especially the latest ones) can be fixed in a few hours, others can take weeks.

When you see a live like this, you can bet that a content creator has just lost their main mode of operation.

In addition, since many of these channels are large, it is recommended live for thousands, possibly millions of people, who can eventually join even if they come out of curiosity. Couple that with the certainty that we’re using bots to boost these numbers and that’s why we have so many people watching this content.

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