Cryptocurrency Meme Shiba Inu Hires Former Marvel And Netflix Executive

Cryptocurrency Meme Shiba Inu Hires Former Marvel And Netflix Executive

With several projects trying to impress with the metaverse, including powerful names like Facebook, competitors must always be one step ahead to create a strong ecosystem in the emerging sector.

With that in mind, Shiba Inu (SHIB) just announced a new hire to their metaverse team, Brandie Konopasek – a former Netflix and Marvel executive.

On their official blog, Shiba welcomed Inu Konopasek as a new addition to the company’s metaverse team.

“Shiba Inu welcomes Brandie Knopasek to the SHIB metaverse team”

In the company’s post, SHIB states that it plans to trade in the metaverse so that this new sector can become the culmination of the Shiba Inu Token’s history as a community, rendered virtually, in a layer of beautiful images that show innovation and unity with “a place for the ShibArmy cryptocurrency community to truly call home.

For now, the SHIB metaverse and all of the community’s Web3 solutions are just promises, not concrete releases yet, but according to the team behind Shib, those releases are close.

Director with more than 15 years of experience

Brandie Konopasek worked at Netflix, Disney, Marvel and has collaborated with top industry professionals such as Emmanuel Lubezki and Jon Favreau, known for creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Mandalorian.

In addition to working with these names, the executive also led global teams and was present in more than 100 projects involving films and series.

With so many major projects in her career, it’s hard to imagine why the director went to a cryptocurrency that is nothing more than a meme.

“It was an exciting experience to meet #shibarmy and lead such a huge venture with them. Emerging technology is at the heart of everything I do and it’s a very creative process. This decentralized community comes to the table with a breathtaking vision and I can’t wait to see it rolled out to the world,” she said in a statement.

The release of Metaverse for SHIB Shiab Inu fans is considered significant as it is a project highly motivated by the strong community built since its inception.

Source: Live Coins