MetaMask: The World’s Most Popular Crypto Wallet Now Accepts PIX

The MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet became the first to integrate cryptocurrency purchases with PIX, the system of the Central Bank of Brazil, using a payment fintech.

So Brazilians who want to buy coins or tokens created in five networks can now start the acquisition process, which will bring the coins directly to their wallets.

MetaMask was developed by Consensys, one of the most influential companies in the Ethereum ecosystem. It has focused on important developments in Brazil with its application, mainly in collaboration with Bacen.

Consensys is one of the companies chosen by the Central Bank of Brazil in its Lift Challenge program for the digital Real, which started last Monday (5th).

MetaMask Releases PIX for Brazilian Users to Buy Coins and Expands Cooperation with the Central Bank of Brazil

Cryptocurrency wallets are not brokers, i.e. they do not have order books for their users to trade currencies.

Still, in recent years, some wallets have tried to provide their customers with the convenience of trading cryptocurrencies directly from their applications. One of these is Ledger, a hardware wallet with which you can, for example, buy bitcoin with credit card payment.

A wallet was never integrated into the PIX system, launched in November 2020 by the Central Bank of Brazil, with MetaMask being the first to enable the purchase of cryptocurrencies directly for its users.

The announcement took place last Friday (9), when the Consensys-affiliated company announced the news, including on its social networks.

Brazilians Can Now Buy Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, And Two More Cryptocurrencies Directly With PIX, Watch How

By releasing PIX to its Brazilian users, MetaMask has partnered with MoonPay, a company it has partnered with since April 2022.

For example, the purchase of Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain and Celo, in addition to all tokens of these ecosystems, all with PIX, is allowed.

To buy cryptocurrencies with PIX on MetaMask, users can use the web or app extension. It is worth remembering that the first steps of creating and configuring the wallet must be done in advance.

So, with the MetaMask wallet created, users have to go to the “Buy” option on the home screen, select the country “Brazil” and choose “PIX” as the payment method.

After that, just choose which token you want to buy, such as ETH for example, enter the value of the transaction and choose the company “MoonPay” as the service provider.

If it is the first purchase, MoonPay will ask users to register in its system. However, if the customer already has a fintech registration, simply view the purchase details and click confirm, then the cryptocurrency balance will be transferred to MetaMask.

It is worth remembering that this form of purchase is not comparable to that of brokers, so it is important to review the details, fees and terms of use before negotiating, to manage the risks of the operation.

Source: Live Coins