Labor court will conduct a course to seize the seizure of cryptocurrencies

Labor court will conduct a course to seize the seizure of cryptocurrencies

Labor court members are preparing for a new course to be presented in Brazil in the coming days, teaching techniques to seize cryptocurrencies through asset prosecution.

In April 2022, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) organized a similar course, teaching prosecutors the same techniques for seizing cryptocurrencies.

The professor of the course for labor judges will be the Prosecutor of the Republic Alexandre Senra, who works at the MPF do Espírito Santo and has extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies, and he also presented the content to the MPF.

Labor court plans course to seize and seize cryptocurrencies

The Judicial School of the Regional Labor Court (TRT) of the 13th Region will be promoting an event for its judges in the coming days, a training that provides for teaching blockchain fundamentals.

This is the basic technology of cryptocurrencies, another topic that will be presented to the magistrates at the Maximiano Figueiredo Forum, with the course “Cryptoassets and Blockchain, Practicalities – Heritage Pursuit“, in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba.

“The course aims to understand the relevance of these new currencies, the context of the emergence of cryptoassets and blockchain technology, so that magistrates and servers become familiar with this new reality.”

So between September 28 and 30, the judges of work will at various times teach the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrencies, as well as procedures to seize cryptocurrencies through property prosecution.

For the magistrates of the court, the event will be broadcast via Zoom.

Cryptocurrencies are trending as a means of payment

In lawsuits that have taken place in Brazil’s labor courts in recent years, workers and companies have sought to strip counterparty cryptocurrencies in order to resolve labor disputes that come to court.

In this way, the new training understands that there is a trend in the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, which makes the new course important for judges.

“In the recent past, payments were made in paper money, years later by checks, and today the popular forms are debit and credit cards. But many believe the trend will be the use of virtual currencies, aka cryptocurrencies.”

In the curriculum of this training, judges will learn some techniques on “How to search for crypto-assets remotely?”, “How to search for crypto-assets face-to-face?”, “When and how to delete crypto-assets? ”, among other topics. .

The topic of NFTs and DeFi will also be introduced to participants, who should leave with more understanding of the emerging topic.

Source: Live Coins