Faculty of Rio de Janeiro Launches Postgraduate Course in Cryptocurrencies

Faculty of Rio de Janeiro Launches Postgraduate Course in Cryptocurrencies

A traditional college in Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1968, launched a graduate program in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The course is recognized by the Ministry of Education and has 360 hours of teaching on the subject.

The initiative came from Pólen, UNISUAM’s Innovation Hub, which, in collaboration with the college, has launched the program in recent days.

Those who participated in the BlockchaIn Rio Festival event get up to 15% discount and current students get 10% discount.

UNISUAM Faculty of Rio de Janeiro Launches Postgraduate Course in Cryptocurrencies

Rio de Janeiro has presented itself as Brazil’s possible “land of cryptocurrency opportunities” since its mayor, Eduardo Paes, launched a program to attract companies in the sector to the place.

With that in mind, UNISUAM college created its first training program in new technologies, such as Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Metaverso.

Pólen, UNISUAM’s Innovation Hub, with the aim of investing in the training of qualified professionals in these fields, launched the Graduated in Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Metaverse.

The launch of this course was during the BlockchaIn Rio Festival last weekend.

The specialization is accredited by the Augusto Motta University Center (UNISUAM), a higher education institution. Recognized by the Ministry of Education, the course aims to train professionals in six months through live online classes with national and international tutors.

According to Diego Braga, Innovation Manager at UNISUAM, in a statement to the live coins, the current labor market confirms the search for specializations. The college in Rio is another one that is launching a postgraduate course in cryptocurrencies in the country.

“We know that the professions with the greatest potential for appreciation are aligned with technologies and Web 3.0, such as User Experience Designer and Application Developer. Offering the most technological and up-to-date is a way to prepare the professional and help them differentiate themselves in the market”.

The course covers topics such as bitcoin mining, bitcoin structuring, and cryptocurrency and blockchain basics, as well as WEB3, metaverse, DeFi, among others.

More superior opportunities to reach stakeholders

At the end of July 2022, Ânima Educação (ANIM3) launched its first MBA in cryptocurrencies, demonstrating that even publicly traded companies remain interested in the sector.

This shows that the Brazilian education sector has set its sights on the sector’s opportunities and wants to help people who want to follow this vocational training.

There are several companies looking for candidates for jobs with training in cryptocurrencies, and banks and fintechs are now starting to get into the sector.

Since Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, a region that has attracted attention due to the high adoption of cryptocurrencies, many international companies are also coming to the country and seeking qualified people to work.

Source: Live Coins