Electric bite. From October, the electricity bill increased +59 percent

Confirmed social bonuses, zero system charging and new gas calculation method

There is no duplication of the electricity bill. But the sting remains heavy. From October 1st the bill will be 59% higher. With an extraordinary intervention, deemed necessary due to the exceptionally serious conditions of the situation, ARERA (Energy Sector Authority) limited the increase in electricity prices for households still protected. The Authority’s exceptional intervention for the fourth quarter of 2022, in addition to the Government’s interventions, limited the increase.

“Gas wholesale prices, which have reached abnormal levels in recent months due to the continuation of the war in Ukraine, fears about the safety of the gas pipelines and financial tensions, would have led to an increase of around 100%, despite the government’s intervention with the Aid bis decree “explains the body led by Besseghini that, in order to further limit price increases for families and companies, decided to exceptionally postpone the necessary recovery of the difference between estimated prices for the last quarter and the actual costs incurred, also characterized by extraordinarily high increases. In the third quarter of 2022, based on preliminary data, the single national electricity price (PUN) almost doubled compared to the second quarter of 2022 and almost quadrupled from the average level of the corresponding quarter of 2021.

Based on the provisions of the ‘Auxílio Bis’ decree, Arera also intervened in the components of the system’s overheads for the fourth quarter, eliminating them, both for the electricity and gas sectors for the generality of users and confirming the application of the negative UG2 component in benefit of gas consumption up to 5,000 cubic meters/year. These interventions, together with the confirmation of the 5% reduction in VAT on gas, continue to have a positive impact on 30 million homes and more than 6 million small businesses, artisans and traders. The Authority also confirmed the reinforcement of the electricity and gas social premiums. Families with an Isee level of up to 12,000 euros are confirmed as beneficiaries (a limit that rises to 20,000 euros for large families). As for gas, the Authority also provided precise information on the invoicing mechanisms during the month of October, namely indicating that the price referring to the previous month will be used for billing on account. Billing, if the vendor’s systems allow it, can also become monthly.

Source: IL Tempo