World Bank predicts Colombia will grow 7.1% by 2022

The World Bank Colombia is expected to close this year with one of the highest growth rates in Latin America at 7.1%, but a slowdown is expected before 2023, so growth would be 2.1%.

The international organization presented a report with the economic outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean, showing that the countries have recovered their pre-pandemic levels and that the region has regained a certain sense of normalcy, although the economy needs to be reactivated to a new cycle of low growth.

Regional GDP is estimated to grow by 3.0% in 2022, a faster pace than previously forecast due to rising commodity prices.

He points out that the high uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine, the rise in interest rates in developed countries and ongoing inflationary pressures are expected to have an impact on the region’s economies.

Source: El heraldo