Dollar Closes This Tuesday With Highest Average In History: $4,743.82

The opening value of the US currency was $4,685.

The minimum price, in turn, was $4,665.20, while the maximum was $4,794.

With this, the average price was $4,743, a figure that rises $107 compared to the representative price of the current market and would become the highest recorded by Banco de la República.

According to the Set-FX platform, negotiations have been conducted for an amount of $1,289 million 2,321 transactions.

Against the Colombian peso, the dollar started the week strong, continuing its upward movement from last week’s close.

“At current prices, the market is already showing overbought levels, which could indicate a correction in the coming days,” the Stock & Securities analysis reported.

They add that US stocks will open sharply higher on Tuesday, continuing strong gains from the previous session, in hopes that positive corporate results will help dispel the current economic pessimism that could weigh on the currency.

Henry Amorocho, a professor of finance at the Universidad del Rosario, explains that both the United States and Colombia have chosen to raise interest rates, which has caused high volatility in the dollar.

“Nervousness has swept the markets in Colombia over the decision to increase the Fed’s intervention rate, political uncertainty after conflicting statements between ministers about, among other things, the financing of government programs, the suspension of oil exploitation contracts, among others,” he said. Amorocho.

Source: El heraldo