“Colombian households will pay 12 billion pesos in 4 years”: ANDI

The business association also foresees a strong impact of the reform on investment, as it lowers profitability for those who want to invest in Colombia and will increase the tax burden it would have compared to other countries.

“Right now we have the combination of taxes on both corporate income and ultimately investors, through dividends, which will not make Colombia a good destination for investment,” he said.

Due to the absence of the majority of Congressmen from the event, described by Mac Master as: “a regret”, The businessman said on his Twitter account that the recordings of all interventions that took place during the meeting would be sent to each of the parliamentarians.

“Elliptical Room full of entrepreneurs to talk about the effect of the Tax Reform on entrepreneurship. It is a pity that there are so few congressmen, I hope you listen to the recordings that we will send you of all the interventions. My thanks to the congressmen present.”

Source: El heraldo