According to La Rural, there are no “conditions” for beef marketing to change

On November 1, it will not be possible to sell whole half carcasses, but in pieces of a maximum of 32 kilograms.
On November 1, it will not be possible to sell whole half carcasses, but in pieces of a maximum of 32 kilograms.

Just 13 days later Implementation of retail marketing beef slaughter, There are many voices speaking for and against regulation. Although no one doubts that shouldering half of the corpses will have to end due to the health problems of the operators, Several coolers have already stated that the conditions for the implementation of the event are not met.

According to this position, Rural Society of Argentina (SRA), Meanwhile, he expressed To be “agreed with the event, it is seen as a necessary step to achieve modern commercialization with cuts and boxes of how it works around the world”, however, noted that They do not see the conditions for this.

“We know that this is only a an intermediate step Which improves the working conditions for the workers and bromatologically, the final product benefits the consumers”, said Carlos Odriozola, coordinator of the unit’s meat commission.

“Within this framework, within a few days of implementation, We do not see conditions in the market, Difficulties in the industry to make such regulations effective have been noted. This is what worries us.” he added.

We remind you that next November 1, The government will fulfill its commitment to no longer unload meat in butchers in halves, but not more than 32 kilograms.

in the in a statement Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the nation It warned that “as of the said date, all those institutions and operators who Failure to comply with applicable regulations will be subject to sanctions, which may include fines, closure and/or suspension of enrollment in RUCA, among others.”

“Compliance with regulations, dictated by the portfolios of labour, employment and social security; Productive Development and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, by Joint Resolution 4/2021, This is mandatory for everyone Federal, provincial and municipal transit slaughterhouses located within the national territory, without exception”. confirmed.

Source: La Nacion