Pensions, see the “Flexible Quota” plan: leave immediately after age 60

The new Minister of Labor, Marina Calderone, is already working to overcome the reform of the Fornero Welfare. The new government’s plan could be to release 470,000 workers aged between 61 and 66. The hypothesis – which foresees the exit of the work with 35 contributions – is already on the table of the new government. In detail, this would be a quota of 100 or 102 obtained with the simple sum of years of contribution and age, but not in a rigid way as currently foreseen. In the hypothesis revealed by the newspaper the republic the requirement of minimum contributions of 35 years of work would remain fundamental.

The reasoning is that the Fornero reform – according to the consultants’ study – would have unwittingly slowed down generational turnover and in recent years the proportion of workers over 60 has increased”. the entire audience.

The hypothesis of anticipating the retirement of some of the workers in their 60s would have the objective of encouraging new hires, mainly of young people. A proposal that – we read ahead Republic – was conceived in recent months by the Labor Consultants Foundation, which estimates that there are around 470,000 workers. Nearly half a million workers could therefore be preparing for retirement. A number allowed precisely by a “flexible” quota, according to the consultants. In effect, this would double the beneficiaries compared to a “rigid” quota.

Source: IL Tempo