Dollar today, blue dollar today: How much it will trade on Monday, October 24

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Here’s how the official dollar and blueberry trade on Monday, October 24

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  • Official Dollar: The official exchange rate is $152 for its purchase price and $160 for its selling price.
  • Blue Dollar: The buying price is $287 and the selling price is $291.
  • MP Dollar: A purchase through the electronic payment marketplace is $293.40
  • CCL (cash): The cost is $305.38.
  • Wholesale Dollar: Its purchase price is $154.60; and retails for $154.80.
  • Qatari dollar: 321.14

Despite the days that have passed since its creation, the application Qatari dollar It is delayed because AFIP is studying a way for banks to know the dollar consumption in other entities and thus to cross-reference each customer’s data.

The destination is the Qatari dollar To maintain central bank dollar reservesSo a 25 percent tax on personal assets applies to overseas purchases of air tickets and products and services that exceed $300. According to the official dollar variation, this tax percentage must be added to the Qatari dollar.

AFIP should establish common criteria for banks to achieve their customers' consumption of dollars abroad
AFIP should establish common criteria for banks to achieve their customers’ consumption of dollars abroad

Various analysts said that inflation in the month October, which Indec will publish in mid-November, will be between 6.5 percent and 7.2 percent; The value is higher than the September index.

Forecasts take into account Increase in energy tariffs Due to the onset of segmentation and Increase in prepayment, fuel and taxes.

American currency on the market official citation $151.50 to buy and $159.50 to sell; meanwhile, dollar blue It is located $287 to buy and $291 to sell in the parallel market.

According to a nationwide study conducted by the Cordoba Food Center, based on the INDEC household survey, most adults and children skip meals in households with incomes up to $60,000 per month..

The survey, which was conducted through 4,800 telephone and face-to-face surveys in 23 provinces, shows that among households making up to $60,000 a month, Eight out of ten adults do not eat breakfast (82%), and neither do 73% of minors.; 42% and 36% of them, respectively, cannot eat lunch; 74% and 79% do not eat lunch, and 86% of adults and 58% of minors end the day without dinner.

Research indicates that the variety of products consumed by low-income families has decreased Photo: Press/Télam/AA
Research indicates that the variety of products consumed by low-income families has decreased Photo: Press/Télam/AA
  • Open an investment account at a local stock exchange or broker.
  • Enter the amount you want to exchange from the bank account of the same owner.
  • Buy GD30 Bonds with Cash Immediately (CI).
  • Make the work day “parking”.
  • Selling bonds in dollars: select the option “Immediate Cash” with the label AL30D/GD30D, where the number of bonds to be sold is determined and the market price is selected. When the transaction is completed, the liquid dollars will be available on the brokerage platform, ready to be transferred to the bank account.

Although the start date was last Friday, the program will now start on 30 days with 268 domestically produced products – including air conditioners, mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators and washing machines – purchased in fixed installments, Economy Minister Serge Massa said. .

event to be funded The fixed rate is 48 percent per annum, was intended to allow people to upgrade their hardware; At the same time, the government is working to generate “stability and order,” according to the minister’s entourage.

Meetings held prior to the implementation of the fair pricing program noted the possibility that products included in the plan would be sold at a label price that would be maintained during the program.

In this regard, economist Daniel Artana criticized the initiative for considering it inappropriate. “This is madness Because we are in an economy that has 6 or 7 percent monthly inflation,” he noted.

In addition, he referred to the product’s time from manufacture to sale, explaining: “From the moment a product is manufactured, it leaves the factory and reaches the gondola, time passes. It has been a while since the gondola was sold. What does he who has to produce, has to imagine inflation?

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“name”: “Dólar hoy, dólar blue hoy: a cuánto cotiza este lunes 24 de octubre”,
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Daniel Artana explained why it is “crazy” to put the value of products on the packaging

  • If the person does not exceed300 dollars per month With credit and debit cards, there will be no change in the implemented system: the official dollar ($158) is added COUNTRY tax (30 percent) and 45 percent perception on account profit. in these cases, The exchange rate will be 275 dollars.
  • Instead, those who have monthly consumption Cards over $300 (and tickets abroad and travel packages abroad) will use “Qatari” dollars, with 25 percent added to the bill. Private property. In this way, the exchange rate Jump to $314. It is important to clarify that this meaning refers not only to consumption surplus, but to totality. In addition, in case of using different bank cards, the monthly limit still applies, since it is determined by CUIT.

The savers Those who choose to keep their dollars in some corner of the house face such problems as humidity, dirty or any accident that may result Damaged bills. Also, simple use and the passage of time are factors that wear them down in the long run. He talked to experts on this topic and This note Explains how to solve these problems.

Dollar alert: What to do with damaged, stained or torn bills (Photo: Twitter)
Dollar alert: What to do with damaged, stained or torn bills (Photo: Twitter)
  • Stock Dollar (or MEP): Those who don’t want to buy dollars outside the formal financial system have the alternative of the “market for electronic payments” (MEP), which is a legal way to obtain foreign currency by buying and selling peso-quoted bonds. such as LA30). Then, they are converted into the same bonds quoted in dollars and therefore sold in foreign currency.
  • Dollar CCL (Dollars “counted in liquidation”): This is another financial tool, but it allows you to exchange pesos for dollars abroad. For many companies and investors, this is the main way to buy foreign currency and take it out of the country legally. In this case, shares or debt securities are bought in pesos, which are listed in the country and, in turn, in another international market. Like stocks in dollars, they are bought in pesos, but then these assets are deposited into an account abroad and sold for dollars.
dollars and pesos
dollars and pesos

It is a currency controlled by a central bank which It has two channels, retail and wholesale. Retail is the reference exchange rate used to calculate other market prices. And wholesale trade is a reference price in the foreign market.

After a busy week in the foreign exchange market, on Friday, October 21, the official dollar closed the price $152.57 to buy and $160.57 for saleAccording to the Central Bank’s retail average.

The parallel American currency ended last Friday $291.00 to sell and $287.00 to buy. Thus, it crossed the 290 peso barrier again.

Source: La Nacion